Chad's Vault


The Ego and Societal Transparency
Cosmic Paradigm Transformation 

The Language of the Birds (Angelic Language
Russian Plasma Experiment in Space Redefines 'Reality' - Down the Rabbit Hole...oops, that's not a 'hole'
The Blooming Lotus
Area 51: Dreamland

Transcending Dualism - Dual Torus Yin/Yang Merger
E.I.T.: Empathy, Integrity, Transparency

Removal of Attachments (Dream)

Humans Being

The Moving Torus

I finally Figured it Out

Fibonacci Dual Spin (image)


Complexity (image)

Ripples & Echoes (image) 
Ripples & Echoes Explained

Pattern Recognition

Thought: If Time/Space is Emergent

The Edge of Chaos and Consciousness

“Did you lose something?” - My mind. I had set it free, but it must love me because it came back.

 Flowing Through Creation and Expression

Swastika Made Dimensional (image)

Experimenting with Cube (image)

Descent to Revive

Golden Scroll of Life and Fibonacci

Some of My New Patterns Based on Fibonacci Sequence of 3 and 6 and Reducing all MultiDigit Numbers to Single Digit

My New Patterns and the Tree of Life

The Golden Ratio within the Golden Rectangle

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