Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flowing through Creation and Expressing

OK, time for imagination. Imagine something that is aware and is everything. It is even a part of the material. Material is actually structured out of it. I have a saying, that we are not separate from god (or whatever term you want to use), we are actually merged with it, a part of it, we ARE it. Everything is it. The localized shape of it determines its structure/function. The localized structure/function of the system of shapes determines how the this thing that is aware and is everything, flows through its own creation and expresses itself.

Distill the essence of concepts like Tao, Indra, Intelligent Design, quantum states, Relativity, archetypes, interstices, dual layer membranes, polarity, spin, fields, charge, on and on.

Distill them all, without taking a snap shot of it all. Let it keep moving. Don't isolate the concepts, merge their motions and motivations. Figure out where the effects bloom from (interstices). Dual layer membranes create localization. Different shapes within moving field/charge allow different archetypes and 'rules'. A formless awareness intelligently designing without thought, just BEING, and flowing through creation in infinite ways, with and without the physical. Blending with the shapes, the shapes guiding how the awareness will express itself, in all ways, in infinite variations and infinite layers of expression.

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