Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Removal of Attachments...of Spiritual Lines and Hooks and Pain

Some might be curious as to how lucid dream states can be of spiritual growth. It seems like saying that might feel a little abstract, but in truth,the experiences can be quite the opposite.

Last night, I began dreaming of fishing with some of my old friends. Painful hooks. Lines got tangled and I tried to disentangle them, and I was constantly being hooked multiple times, everywhere on my body. And, they were of every size and make. And, it hurt.

I became lucid and the lines and hooks were everywhere. No matter where I went, I would get tangled in them, and the hooks would pierce me. As I was painfully removing one, because of my movement one or more would hook me again. And, every time I tried to disentangle the lines from around me, it would pull the hooks that were hooked in me and would increase the pain and discomfort.

So, being lucid, I stopped struggling with it all and tried to figure it out. While I stopped and began puzzling it out, I became less entangled, and I began walking again down a dark tunnel like path through a nasty looking forest. As I was walking I began accumulating fishing lines and hooks again and was painfully entangled all over again.

When lucid, sometimes I ask my higher self to give me some clue about what is going on (most times I ask my higher self to start the next experience I am in need of for growth). A female appeared, very faint and hardly noticeable. All I could see was a face floating within my conscious.

"It is simple," she said. "These are your attachments."

It was like a bomb of "AHA!!!" moments streaked through me.

I began walking away, and the lines grew taught, and the hooks pulled painfully at my skin, all over my body. One by one, as I walked, I felt the specific pulling of a line and the hook that was associated with that line. It is strange, because I was feeling each individual line corresponding with its specific hook by the pain that it drew. I felt them all at the same time, tightening, pulling, bringing specific pain...but, the difference was the differing strength of tension on each line brought a specific amount of pain to an area of my body that that hook was in.

I kept walking, and when I noticed that the line was taught enough, and the pain sharp enough, I found I could give a 'pulse', like a hard jerk, to rip the hook from me. After a while, it became less painful, as I was consciously figuring out how to remove the pain from the experience with each 'jerk' and removal. They began sliding off of me instead of being ripped from me. The pain began dissolving, and a feeling of 'light' was replacing the pain. Then, at a certain point, all of the lines and hooks just fell off of me as I continued walking down this dark forest path.

It was like I was light as a feather. I was free of attachments. This is where the experience becomes hard to express because of the feeling of being removed from all attachments. It is beautiful.

- Chad Adams