Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zero Point, Indra's Net, the Spinning Aether

I can 'see' zero point, but it cannot really be expressed properly. For one, whoever invented the term should have never used 'point'. They probably did it to side track thinkers.  It is similar to saying there are quantum 'particles'.
I'll show you what I see, but you would have to see it the same way you have to see Indra's Net in a way. It doesn't exist as a point. It exists as a scalar type field.

I've had some amazing visuals lately, but cannot find good ways to express them.  Most of it revolves around how Indra works the net.  Once that imagery can be embedded, then the rest can follow suit in accordance to how the net works.

It is the shape of one side of yin/yang. It is the same form, repeating down into Planck/Coulomb scale, like a fractal of itself.  It is formed this way as a two-dimensional representation of spiraling light.  As Dion mentions, we get sound and colors through refractions/reflections occurring throughout the entire fractal. 

side note: It is not an object that is doing this.  It is the aether that is twisting to create this.  We are the aether, in motion, as all things are in the material.

The way it vibrates determines its properties.  From a human being, to the kidneys, to the white or red blood cells, etc.  Hell, to an entire galaxy or super cluster even.

The vibration is imbued with consciousness.  Consciousness guiding the interaction of all the component spins, adjacent spins, etc. throughout the fractal, the fractal's diversity being created from the different reflections/refractions/spin states, etc that are all doing what they need to do in accordance to the underlying consciousness that is driving it all, flowing from the non-material into the material at the zero point area, Indra's Net.  All of everything containing, being, within the values of Indra's Net that make the material, the material just a small portion of the infinite eternal net that is within and without everything.

The zero point is not a 'somewhere'.  It is everywhere.  Everything in the ONE material universe is merely the aether spinning in the smallest way, to the largest way, but both smallest and largest never truly existing.

If you looked at the 'half' of yin/yang as I mentioned above, in different perceptions, you would see it manifesting into further complexity.  At one depth of perception you would see it is the 'half yin/yang' form.  In another perception you may view it as a Golden Mean vortex, another and it is seen as a sphere, as a torus, as X's, as nested cubes, as nested hexagons folded around each other, as an impossible kaleidoscope, pulling further out, being able to see the bigger pattern it is all making, through light reflections and motion, and refractions, attracting/repulsing, shifting, aligning, blending, separating, living potential, atoms, molecules, DNA twisting in its light, cells, humans, planets, suns.

All of it this fractal spinning, merely just the aether, twisting itself into our creation.

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  1. Thank you, Chad! This is a most excellent reflection of the universe that you have expressed. I feel that the scalar field vibration is the living expression of the infinite as time/space/matter/energy/et cetera. It seems like this expression folds into everything that exists simultaneously, and the dream or illusion is that everything is separate and happening in a linear progression. This is difficult to grasp in certain states of consciousness. It must be experienced personally and any explanation falls short. I and you and we are exactly the same - simultaneous and infinite, separating into every possibility.