Friday, February 8, 2013

A Fog of Consciousness - Indra's Net

The universe is all created through thought patterns.  All matter manifests itself through the idea of manifestation before the actuality of the macro, as well as micro, come into physical maturation.  These thought patters are not only created/evolved from human conception/conceptualization, but from a consciousness lying deeper in vibrational level than normal human perception.  The Spirit Realms; though without matter, mind without body.

Imagine an empty sky.  No horizon, no clouds, no sun, no moon, stars.  This sky is filled with a transparent fog. It stretches everywhere, permeates every space, and is all in that sky.  As it is the only thing existing, it is everything and nothing.  The only way for there to be something is a reaction in relationship, some way to look upon itself, compare itself, interact with itself.  Since this fog is clear, it is, in actuality, it is Nothing.  At the same time it is Everything because there is nothing else but this infinite nothingness, or in our model, this clear fog.

This fog is consciousness and at this point in description it is instinctual thought.  It exists but has no awareness of its existence.  As a purely hypothetical comparison, it is like our subconscious thought, or spirit.  Humans know the subconscious exists but our conscious minds have no awareness its existence.  Subconscious, or Spirit, is intuitive thought.  It 'lives' in areas of pure thought, since we can control normal consciousness through imagining, analyzing, reasoning and upon decisions, reacting.

Our normal consciousness lies in that area of at leas two levels/modes of reality.  The first level/mode is thought, the second level/mode is manifestation of those thoughts, being either/both subjective and/or objective existence.  Subconscious is the complete blend of these two models.  Is is instantaneous action (manifestation) and causation, of and during, the thought process.

That brings us back to our fog that is Nothing and Everything; our aware-less, dormant energy of thought.  It instinctively blooms into awareness of itself.  It has to.  It must, for if the only thing in existence is unaware of itself, it [i]is [/i]nothing.  And, as we know, we are aware of ourselves.  In order to be aware of itself (ourselves) it must be able to reflect upon itself.  So it becomes [i]reflections [/i]of thought patterns, and through fracticality, it reflects through infinity, all manifesting the same space and all subconsciously knowing that they are One.

And so a step is made in awareness, intelligent and sentient, instantly and continuously manifesting the all pervading Fog of Consciousness.

Indra's net (also called Indra's jewels or Indra's pearls) is a metaphor used to illustrate the concepts of emptiness,[2] dependent origination,[3] and interpenetration[4] in Buddhist philosophy.
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