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ElectroStatic and ElectroMagnetic Charge Fields

ElectroStatic Field Charge
--------------------- Different Dimensions
ElectoMagnetic Field Charge

CHARGE = Source of Energy

ES Field + EM Field = singular effect of vortical motion because of the Source of Energy: Charge.

I said, "Dormant ElectroMagnetic field", but that was only one of two dormant Cause 'dimensions'. The second is ElectroStatic. Having two Cause Dimensions active, causes a singular effect: Vortical Movement

The Origin of Force (Charge) is the same 'force' but it affects the two Cause Dimensions very differently. This effect is stabilized by a certain shape: the Geometric Sphere.

I used to think that there was/is only one 'aether' that brings waves/particles into existence. One background 'field' that is unseen.

Recently it has come to my attention that there is, more likely, two 'background' fields that brings wave/particles into existence.

The original idea comes from the Aether background. But the question was always: what is the aether?

I had called it a 'dormant electromagnetic field', thinking that the electricity and magnetism was always in the background of everything, but had yet to manifest because of motion.

But, as I explained in the op, it appears there are two fields, not just the one. Which makes sense. When charge or movement exists within the fields, wave/particles are manifested into 'existence'. BUT, the charge or movement affects the field in two totally different ways. So, it appears that there are actually 2 fields (2 aehters - ?), and the singular charge or movement affects each field in a different way.

One field being the ElectroMagnetic Field and
One field being the ElectroStatic Field
In order to manifest fully into the material, both Fields must be at the 1 Spin state to hold the proper geometric sphere shape.

The ElectroStatic Field Cause Dimension manifests into the material as a 1 Spin in the Geometric Sphere shape.

The ElectroMagnetic Field Cause Dimension manifests into the material as a 1/2 Spin. The 1/2 spin only creates a spinning cone shape. In order to attain the geometric sphere shape, it has to have two cones. Also, it must have the correct angle of spin to make a sphere, which is 4pi. This creates the toriod shape (a geometric sphere shape). The wave form is antisymmetric as you can see below. Again, you can see the 1/2 relation.

The Boson is Symmetric, and the wave form doesn't cancel out. The Fermions are anti-symmetric

With this, both Causal Field Dimensions are manifesting and in sync with each other. They have achieved stability and are self perpetuating.

Both the ElectroStatic Charge and ElectroMagnetic Charge are a reflection of each other, even though they are two entirely different manifestations. If they did not mirror each other, then an imbalance would occur, and self-perpetuation would either eventually stabilize, or more likely, collapse. Either way, there is deformation in the structure/function/movement of the manifested mass if they do not reflect each other perfectly.

No other Causal Dimensions need to exist to explain material manifestation. Before movement, both ElectroStatic Charge Field and ElectroMagnetic Charge Field are free of gaps. That means that there is no units within them. But, when motion of charge occurs, quanta is formed that is the discrete natural units of existence; Length, Frequency, Mass, Charge, and Spherical Geometry.

The electromagnetic force is a special force that affects everything in the universe because (like gravity) it has an infinite range. It has the ability to attract and repel charges. Since material in solid and liquid forms are made of charges having a unique order, they, too, may be manipulated by this force. It is also responsible for giving things strength, shape, and hardness. The electromagnetic force can be generated by three types of fields known as the electrostatic field, magnetostatic field, and the electromagnetic field. Some of Earth's greatest philosophers brilliantly used the concept of field lines to help visualize how one object can be moved by another object without actually touching each other.

The field lines for static fields are tied to the sources. Static means that the strength and orientation of the source does not change with time. Static electric fields originate from a positive charge and terminate on a negative charge. Static magnetic fields circulate around moving charge (or charges) sometimes called current. They have no beginning or end; they circulate. Because these fields are tied to sources, when the sources are turned off, the field lines disappear and no force is felt. Did you know that the electromagnetic force is responsible for you to have the ability to hold and move things such as your mouse? The electrostatic fields generated among the atoms and molecules near the surface of your hand generate a force field that doesn't allow large objects to pass through your hand.

What about the electromagnetic field? The electromagnetic fields are time varying fields containing both electric fields and magnetic fields that feed upon each other even in vacuum! A vacuum is defined as a void of medium. These field lines actually detatch themselves from the source and can exist on their own when the source is turned off. A good example in nature is the light generated from the farthest star. Although we see the light today, it may have been generated millions of years ago! Within that time, the star may have "turned off." This is because electromagnetic energy, such as light, takes time to travel from one point in space to another point in space.

- The Electromagnetic Force 

It is very similar to what I was thinking before, but with the acceptance of having two 'dormant' fields, the pieces seem to fit a lot better.

Now remember, these 'fields' are everything and nothing. They make up the universe. Everything in the material arises from them. Everything IS them, but in motion. It is beautiful in my mind, and very difficult to explain.

We, and everything around us, are these two fields, set in motion. Once the fields are set in motion, dimension (x,y,z) exists, as well as time, and mass, and 'charge', etc.

Before they are set in motion, they would be 'dimensionless'. They would have no separation, no particle size, no waves, no nothing, because there is no movement. Perhaps they exist in a super-luminal state.

OK, I'm not sure of this, because I got a flash, and I'm trying to hold onto it before I lose it.

It has to do with 'what is the superluminal information carrier'?

The carrier is the electrostatic charge field, and the electromagnetic charge field that never reaches stability. Basically it would be...shit, lol. (I've got this written down, and I am jumping forward without explaining my summarizing of the info. Sorry if this is out of place because I haven't explained how I got here yet, but I'm just going to write it straight from my notes.)

EM = electromagnetic field charge
ES = electrostatic field charge

The dimensional effect of EM 1/2 spin is the tendency to achieve stability by matching the 1 spin of ES. The EM 1/2 spin is the form of a cone (within a sphere). In order to match the full sphere (which is the 1 spin ES), it needs 2 cones. Wala! We have our toroid shape. Now we need to add the angle of motion, which once again must match the 1 spin ES (sphere geometry). With EM only being 1/2 spin, we will need an angle of 4pi. If we do not meet this requirement, then stability is never fully achieved, and no manifestation into mass or the material is possible.

Anyway, to put it simply, when motion comes across the 1st 2 dimensional fields (electrostatic charge field and electromagnetic charge field) both dimensions must mirror sphere geometry. If either one doesn't, then it never achieves stability and it collapses and never truly goes sub-luminal (achieves stability).

Is the superluminal information carrier dimensional fields that when the information 'runs' through them, but does not have the proper 'shape' to achieve mass/inertia stability?

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