Friday, February 8, 2013

Convergence to Greater Simplicity

Coming changes will not be a singular 'thing'. It will not be one over-riding ideology or formula that makes up the greater simplicity. It will be a scalar effect, that once understood can be placed in context to universal reality that will resonate across the compartmentalized ideals and will be accessed to cross pollinate, from the ground up, a new understanding of how the material functions. This comes about from the integration of understanding the non-material, understanding the material, and understanding the bridge between the two: 3, 6, 9. At that understanding, philosophies/sciences/religions can begin to equate the divine presence in a realistic way within the material constructs that the new paradigms will reveal. Perception of the connected and scalar nature of reality will be made manifest within the human experience.

A distillation of knowledge in respective fields will occur, and with that a reconciliation of dogma - no matter its association - will begin pervading consciousness. At that point, it will be sink or swim.

New understandings could succeed in doing all this, depending on how hard it is to tear down the walls of our presently existing outdated paradigms. We are seeing vast cracks within these massive walls, but the pressure must be consistent, and the cracks must be wedged and levered ever more.

We live in the most extraordinary of eras. The changes that are coming will not be small, isolated changes, but rather one's that are resounding and vast enough to permanently change the human condition. But, it is all extremely complex, and to see specific outcomes of what this entails is very difficult, if possible at all, especially if all the various motives stay in play until some grand convergence lays its massive form across all humans and our world as a collective.

Perhaps initially it will be a scientific breakthrough that 'proves' the presence and existence of god, though not in the traditional sense. The Politics of God. Along with this specific 'breakthrough' of understanding our reality (finding god) there would have to be a careful roll-out of the science that is involved and an explanation of how reality works.

BAM! We've got something that would change the human condition permanently, but not without some major psychological effects within the religious communities. New technologies would spring up, etc.

This is where the vision gets blurred as to how everything would proceed at such a revelation. Hopefully, we as a collective could steer away from violence that would normally be associated with anything that challenges the religions of the world. That is why I say it would have to be rolled out. A new lexicon would be formed. New 'systems' theory across all systems would flourish because the nature of reality is scalar, so we could use concepts learned from the recognition of 'god' - or how universal reality works - as the blueprint for purity of thought forms in any and all endeavors.

It will range across all spectrums of the human experience. Changes will become more prevalent, eventually all converging. That is when the toppling of the 'presently existing outdated paradigms' occurs. The convergence and cascading of the various changes taking place will accelerate as they converge/cascade. Vacuum forms and in rushes the new paradigms and thought forms.

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