Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thinking is Electric and a New Look at Balance - Neg/Pos/Neg with Positive Being the Fulcrum

God is consciousness. Consciousness is static. Consciousness is the KNOWING of mind. Knowing is static.

Consciousness is the spiritual awareness of Being, of all-knowing, all-power and all-presence.

Thinking is electric.

God's thinking is expressed by two-way moving wave extensions from consciousness, like a lever swinging up on a fixed fulcrum, or like waves extending from the calm sea. Thought expression is dynamic. Thinking belongs to the electrically sensed and conditioned vibrating universe of motion.

The Self of man belongs to the static , invisible, conscious, unconditional universe of KNOWING. We express knowing in the dynamic, visible, electrically conditioned universe of sensation.

Sensation is the electrical awareness of motion simulating the spiritual QUALITIES of the One Idea by creating image QUANTITIES of separate forms which
seem to have substance.

Consciousness is real. Sensation simulates reality through motion of interchanging lights, but the mirage of a city is not the city it reflects.

~Walter Russell, The Secret of Light

I'm reading Walter Russell's The Secret of Light, and something smacked me upside the head. It has to do with balance.

In a dualistic concept we think of positive/negative being just that. On one side there is positive, and the other negative. Balance is striven for between the two.

That is incorrect, and this idea has radically changed my thought form concerning this, as I could not see how there was actual balance between this, except for mathematically.

Instead, let us think of it the way Walter Russell thought of it. Pure balance is positive. Negative is on either side of positive. So, the further away you swing to extremities, or the further out of balance things are, the further away from the positive nature of the universe.

OK, here is Russell's words:

The Positive Principle

The foundation of the spiritual universe is stillness; the balanced stillness of the One magnetic Light of God.

Balanced stillness is the
Positive Principle of stability and unity. In it there are no negations.

The Negative Principle

The foundation of the physical universe is motion; the ever-changing motion arising out of the pairs of unbalanced conditions which must forever move to seek the balanced stillness of unity from which they sprang as multiple [airs of units.

Unbalanced motion is the
Negative Principle of instability, multiplicity, and separateness which is this physical universe of electric octave waves of opposed lights.

Walter Russell viewed the positive as GodLike. The negative as material reality. Not to be mistaken with good/evil. That is man made. But, the pure stillness of the positive, which everything moves around, is the gateway to our the non-material.

He viewed material manifestation as the convergence of two lights. Remember the twin opposing vortices. Well, they are light, and where they overlap, is where perceptual physical reality resides. When we think of the vortices as gradations within their own fields, then we can visualize complexity arising within the convergence of light gradations.

All of this in motion from two 'light fields', or our electric charge field and magnetic charge field. With the light containing the motion, pulling mass into dimension through movement, from the dimensionless stillness of what Russell thought of as God.

Seeing the invisible that is right in front of us.

This is summarized, so there will be some details that are not presented 100% accurately.  But, I am looking at the structure of how we view dualistic properties.

Basically, we look at it as positive/negative, with balance somewhere between.

Instead, look at positive as the fulcrum point, with negative out to either side of the fulcrum point. The closer to the fulcrum point (balance) the closer to positive aspects of the universe. The further out the swing, the more imbalance with that system; and thus, the further from positive attributes.

I am not discounting either value of positive/negative within the manifested reality of matter. Instead, I am viewing it with the positive condition of the universe being the fulcrum point, with imbalance being the negative.

It has often been declared that the human mind could never comprehend God. That statement has been based upon the assumption that the reason we could never comprehend God is that our senses could not detect God.

It is true that we cannot see God but we can KNOW Him. And therein is the essence of New Age thinking. The next hundred years will see as great a spiritual advance in the culture of our civilization as it has seen physically during the past hundred years. That which we cannot see, we can KNOW. We can see the bodies of men but we cannot see man, for the supreme Being within man is invisible. He cannot be seen. He can only be known. For the same reason we cannot see God but we can know Him, and we can know the nature of God by knowing His laws and creative processes.

In revelation of what he terms “natural science,” Russell presents a two-way, magnetic-electric thought-wave universe, cyclic in nature and eternally “creating,” as opposed to the “created, expanding, entropic universe” of current science.

Russell’s philosophy of the science of Being, the invisible world of Cause—the nature of consciousness, knowing, thinking, sensing, inspiration, intuition, energy, and the creative process—and the science of Expressed Being, the visible world of Effect—the nature of light, the wave structure of universal creation, the creation of the elements that make up our visible world, and the cycle nature of life and death— are proven a unified continuum.

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