Friday, September 26, 2014

Our Localized Light Bubble

The diameter of the Sun is 864,000 miles.
The radius of the Sun is 432,000 miles.

The natural harmonic frequency of nature is 432hz.

432 squared (432 x 432) = 186,624

186,624 is the speed of light in miles per second.

The Inverse-Square Law states:
"In physics, an inverse-square law is any physical law stating that a specified physical quantity or intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity."

Occam's Razor states:
"...among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove correct, but—in the absence of certainty—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better."

My conclusion is that we exist in a localized light bubble.  The source of light in our light bubble (heliosphere) is the sun, and the sun emits light from its direct center and radiates outward.  By the time light attains outer shell of sun, 432,000 miles from its center, the most harmonic of frequencies becomes 432.  Due to the law of inverse-square, light maxes out at 186,624 seconds per mile (again, 432x432).

Anything coming into the interior of our light bubble (again, the heliosphere) from the exterior (interstellar space), succumbs to the frequency nets of the localized area of inner heliosphere.  Anything that measures something where both the one doing the observational measuring, and the thing being measured, is 'converted' to observational influence of the localized medium.  In other words, whatever is measured can only be measured by the medium it consists of, and is submerged in.

Every solar system has its own variations and variables.  Light speed and physics laws are not universal.  They are all influenced by the localized medium, with occasional bleed through from galactic center and other mediums that the solar system itself is submerged in.

- Chad Adams

Friday, September 19, 2014

We are Dynamic Expressions of Pi

Consciousness is everything.  It resides within everything.  Everything non-material is consciousness.  Everything material is consciousness that is structured for specific functions.  Along with that, is the bridge, the eye, that is the center of mass, the two pyramids, the ascending and descending, perfectly joined.

Consciousness is spirit.  It is both within and without everything.

We are talking of quantum sizes, and because of the fractal nature of it, these torus models are nested within each other as well, all the way to the quantum state and the 'bridge'.  So, the entirety of what is the material body contains consciousness.  Then, there are complex areas of relations that can 'draw' in, or understand consciousness better.  Your brain, for example.  Your heart.  Your organs.  They are structured to allow consciousness to be sentient within the material.  But, your skin doesn't hold that property.  It is not complex and structured correctly for the function of sentient thinking.  BUT, it still contains consciousness, as is obvious when you cut your finger and white blood cells automatically go and try to repair it.  You are a vessel that holds consciousness, and interprets consciousness in different ways depending on the structure of the biology.  Systems within systems, material groupings.

All of it is as much individual as it is collective.  It is all consciousness though.  All 'god', or spirit, or whatever you want to define consciousness as.  Even our DNA has the consciousness in it.  It structures the individual human body, or any other biological structure.  But, consciousness is within everything, it is just a matter of how the 'building blocks' of mass are organized that depends on how the consciousness 'works' or is filtered.

When you imagine the single torus (not all three), well, it is the first manifestation of mass out of quantum potential.  A sphere (torus) is the most efficient form in the universe.  So, the torus is spherical in shape, but in order to access spirit, or consciousness, once it becomes a stable self perpetuating wave, it needs a type of bridge.  There needs to be a way to have the non-material inside the material.  So, the torus form allows the inversion process to occur and allows non-material to exist within the material...within mass itself!

Remember, this from that I have put together is before the first solid becomes solid.  It is quantum soup that is manifesting into mass.  Since it is the foundational construct, we will see the 'form' within all of the material universe.

And, we do.

A decade or two ago, I was reading up on Ken Wilbur's work.  I found that the concept of Holon's provides the viewpoint of 'being the point that is not a point’.  This concept is similar to this model, where the entire construct is actually more of a cloud of energy that is defining itself through motion.

I am not only the three model torus, but its potential as well.  Not only that, but just as the spin states directional definition is based on placement of observation, so too with perceptional viewing.  That is why perception and how we perceive the inner and outer universe is so 'relative'.

Tentative Hypothetical One; a state of where focus resides.  It is the overlaying of varying degrees of opaqueness and which 'density' of opaqueness you choose to view.  It is when we are free.  When we have True Free Will within.  Then we can we truly manifest our own passions, loves, etc.  The one, leads to the other, flowing through the chains of the common human life at this time (chained within materiality by the systems we have grown up in).  Going fractally, one leads to separation of the other end (material side).  And one leads to the inclusion of both (spiritual side).  The inclusion of both is done once we are able to break from the system.  Exist outside of the systems influence.

We spin around and around these concepts internally and externally, and then there are the influences from without self that affect the internal and external dances we live by.

We are centrally one torus, doing the dance of the two other torus while embodied here, existing as all of them.  We are spinning gradients blending throughout all the spins, and where areas of various interacting outer flowing wave aspects of the spins express synergy within the interstices, the waves harmonically sync and become the tensegrity of solidity by means of standing waves; the effect of the harmonic sync [i]cause[/i].  Where perception gazes and biases lie (no pun intended) determines where and how you are spread out through the construct.  How resonant you are, and how dissonant you are.  We are still the entire structure, we are just spread out through it in varying areas and degrees of focal length and density.

Golden Spiral or Fibonacci , the design is the design.

Looking it from the Golden Mean ration, and not the Fibonacci, we can imagine the structure getting tighter and tighter the more 'in' we go.  But, we are already talking about extremely small states, just past manifestation of the quanta, if my thinking is right.

Anyway, at that size, perhaps it's best not to think of it as an 'area'.  There must be a convergence area that results in the inversion.  Intuitively, I would say it has something to do with Planck scale and Coulomb.  It would be an 'area' where it becomes quantum, just as the quantum becomes it.  The quantum criticality interstice.

Oh, I just got a deep vision of it.  The three torus become 'entangled' at the time it inverts.  They are all spinning together, almost like 'gears'.  Then, there is a place where all three of them are tangled within each other.  That’s the place the inversion happens.  But, it is always happening.  

It is the motion of the spirals that 'force' the aether in and out of the structure in the center convergence areas of the interacting spiral spins of standing wave energy forms.  The structure is the specific motions that are created from the charge through the field.  It is not a 'something'.  It is charges that are moving that create magnetism like effects that work on the aether.  It itself is not inverting/reverting.  It is 'forcing' the aether to invert/revert.  wow.
lol, that was a good tangent.

Ok, I have always thought that it would have to be within the nature of pi.  In my mind, I cannot see any other option.  It would make 'perfect' sense as only it could create the areas of inversion.

Within that deviation from static perfection, as irrational as it may sound, we are of a dynamic pi nature.

- Chad Adams