Sunday, April 28, 2013


 OK, make a perfect dot on paper, and you are at 2D. Create the 3D and the dot transcends two dimensionality and it becomes a FINITE sphere. If you inverted that 3D sphere, then the sides were the original dot would exit the finite and become the infinity that would surround you. Inversion is much different than being on the outside or being on the inside. When you go into the inside, or exit into the outside, you are merely changing the place you are at. When you INVERT, you change everything about the original sphere, not just place within or without it.

So, once we invert the 3D sphere, it changes from a finite environment, to an infinite one. It is like the bulb of a flower. It is our 3D sphere that is going to make a transformation from it being contained inside itself in a finite enclosed system, to blooming and coming to a place of infinity. Once the bulb begins inverting, the inside BECOMES the outside, and the petals witness infinity surrounding them.

When taking this concept beyond the flower analogy, and imagining this occurring in a perfect sphere, there is no actual bulb. The sphere inverts, and the finite boundaries become nonexistent. The boundary falls out of our awareness, though still exist in the place beyond our 5 senses.

If you could rip a hole in time/space, we could view our original dot, in a place non-temporal and non-spatial. Rip a hole in Space/Time and you will be gazing at our initial creation…our God/Source.

This is where we can see that there are Two Spatial (uni) Verses, one ‘on top’ of the other, or ‘under’ the other, however it is easiest for you to visualize.

Space around us is not Infinite. Space is Finite at any given moment, yet it is manifesting into Infinite. It is never a snapshot, or still picture. Space is always changing, ever moving, never standing perfectly still. Energy and Matter are the same. Vibrations, resonance, dissonance, influence always there, never still. Energy and charge forever moving contained within its own created field of magnetism, magnetism which changes with every variance of charge, heading toward the Infinite, ever changing, yet Finite at any given Finite snapshot of a moment.

The Finite snapshot of Space & Time does not truly exist, as Something needs a continuous movement towards the Infinite in order to truly exist. Remember; Space is always changing, ever moving, never standing perfectly still. Energy and Matter are the same.

Perfection is dynamic.

- Chad Adams

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Russian Plasma Experiment in Space Redefines 'Reality' - Down the Rabbit Hole...oops, that's not a 'hole'

A scientist from The Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science ‘locked’ himself in his office for 3 weeks trying to understand what was presented - at 2:33 minutes in this video - to him in this experiment. It is a Russian experiment with plasma and dust particles conducted out in space. The experiment structured a ‘black hole’. Why was it so difficult for this man of science to come to terms with?


With the adherence to a 'mechanical universe' model, what is presented in this video concerning a 'black hole' may be difficult to understand properly for any of us. Why? Because, what is being viewed is not a 'hole'. It is not a 'doorway', it is not a 'portal', it is not a 'gateway' is not a 'hole'.

It is an area in reality that is 'non-material'. There are no particles within it. There is NO movement within it. You are literally seeing the non-material, which to material observations is completely 'invisible'. What the man from Planck was shown is direct evidence that forces which are invisible within our material dimension will form designs from the particles that are shaped into a design that literally appears to be a hole in the ‘fabric’ of material reality. Again, though, it is not a hole. It is an area of material reality where there is no movement, no particles, and therefore - to our ‘senses’ – the area is ‘invisible’ as there is nothing material to see.

This ‘non-material structure’ can shape material structures (plasma and dust particles in this instance).


That’s right…our non-material reality has the ability, with ‘invisible forces', to shape our material reality. It - the non-material - is the foundation of the structure/function of our material reality.

This stuff is so deep. It is like new ways to look at reality that the human mind struggles with. We think that there is a hole, but it's not a hole. It is still right there within our inside, no 'down' into the hole, etc. It is still the same exact 'place' of aether, they are just accessing a different way of perceiving that area of aether - of the fabric of reality.

It is like perceiving different layers of reality that exist in the same place. And the layers have different rules for structure/function of energy. If the structure/functions of an area of energy begin following the rules of a different layer, it begins perceiving and interacting with that different layer. The layers are all superimposed within each other. Specific structure/functions of energy determine which layer is perceivable. But, rules within the layers prevent types of 'existence' from manifesting specific structure/functions of energy within certain layers.

Something I thought of on the drive home the other day thinking about this, is Eric Dollard's ideas about the sun. He said that the sun is hollow.

Maybe, the interior of the sun is similar to what we are seeing in this experiment. Imagine this experiment if the plasma/dust particles were not formed along a horizontal plane. What would happen? It would form a sphere with the plasma and dust particles completely surrounding where the 'hole' (sphere) is. In other words, you would not be able to see through the plasma/dust shell to see that the interior is actually an area of non-materiality...or, our little perceptual viewing of a place in space that is invisible to our material/mechanical senses...the non-material. Though we can see the effects of these non-material 'forces' (I think there are two foundational ones), we cannot see the cause of the effects which we can see.

Just the thought of what is going on, trying to understand that we may be perceiving the non-material reality that is structuring all of this around us (and 'in' us), is not a 'separate' reality, but an integrated one. You don't 'punch' holes in space/time. It is a very different way of perceiving reality.

Now, if you think of the non-material area we see in the video, and imagine that that is still the aether...with material reality 'moving' aether, and non-material reality the foundational structure/function of the 'moving' aether, you can begin understanding how the non-material (consciousness/spirit/Tao, whatever you want to call it) is all a part of the material. It (the non-material) is within and without the material. The material is just tiny quantum 'spiraling' aspects of the aether that creates the Platonic Solids, and furthering complexity of the twistings within the moving aether, we create atoms and molecules and humans and suns and galaxies. All of it imbued with whatever the 'forces' are of the non-material (dormant electricity/magnetism). It is potential with some kind of consciousness/spirit etc awaiting movement so it can manifest itself (creation) into material existence.

There is no void. Just an absence of movement. Everything that is material is moving. The non-material is potential. It, damn it is so difficult trying to define these things.

It is potential (dormant structure/function) that is awaiting movement. When movement occurs the potential begins manifesting (think quantum soup). AND, the non-material within us (consciousness), can influence the non-material quantum aspects that are trying to manifest and reach stability within the material.

That is why the observer has been known to change the outcome of quantum experiments. The quantum is still in a state of potential and is still in the process of structuring/functioning of the non-material into material.

Once it attains stability (in the torus form), it attracts other geometric spheres (toruses), and begins forming Platonic Solids, the synergizing EM force lines of the adjacent inverting/reverting toruses being the sharp edges of the solids.

Awesome stuff. Welcome to the new paradigm.

- Chad Adams