Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stellar Winds May Electrify Exoplanets

This is pretty cool. They have found that stellar winds can heat up exoplanets. So, it's not just the close proximity to stars that can create heat for celestial bodies, but currents of electricity! And, the heat is delivered into the interior of the giant exoplanets as well.

Stellar Winds May Electrify Exoplanets
The strangest class of exoplanets found to date might be even stranger than astronomers have thought. A new model suggests that they are partially heated by electric currents linked to their host stars. Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) astronomer Dr. Derek Buzasi has proposed a model in which electric currents arising from the interaction between the planet's magnetic field and the hot charged wind from the star flow through the interior of the planet, heating it like an electric toaster....

... Many of the planets found by the Kepler mission are of a type known as "hot Jupiters." While about the same size as Jupiter in our own solar system, these exoplanets are located much closer to their host stars than even Mercury is to our Sun, meaning that their atmospheres are heated to temperatures of thousands of degrees.

One problem scientists have had in understanding the hot Jupiters is that many are inflated to sizes even larger than expected for planets so close to their stars.

Explanations for the "puffiness" of these exoplanets generally involve some kind of extra heating for the planet. Proposed sources for the extra heat have included tides and interactions between the high-speed winds and magnetic fields expected on these planets, but none of these models successfully explains the observation that more magnetically active stars tend to have puffier hot Jupiters orbiting around them.

"This kind of electric heating doesn't happen very effectively on planets in our solar system because their outer atmospheres are cold and don't conduct electricity very well," says Buzasi.

"But heat up the atmosphere by moving the planet closer to its star and now very large currents can flow, which delivers extra heat to the deep interior of the planet - just where we need it." More magnetically active stars have more energetic winds and would provide larger currents and more heat to their planets.
 Quoting: SpaceDaily

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Empathy, Integrity, and Transparency (EIT)

Imagine one full generation that lived, loved, and worked with these three principles being the foundation of our worldview. Imagine what could be accomplished. In one generation we would take leaps within what it is to be a human far greater than any other generation.

As it is now, it is as if we build things up just to tear them back down. We take two steps forward, one step back, constantly wasting the gift of life, of sentient life!, just so we can knock ourselves down and try to get up.

But, with these three principles, everything conceived of, imagined, constructed by us would be for the betterment of mankind as a whole. No more would our world be based on greed and personal gratification. An entire species working towards evolving the entire species. Never before remembered in our history has such a thing existed.

In just one generation, we would/could change the human condition permanently. I don't mean this as all fluffy, lovey-dovey stuff. I look at this as an advancement of the human race. The technological advances, the psychological advances, spiritual advances, etc.

Don't mind me, just dreaming aloud.

- Chad Adams

Monday, June 10, 2013

Transcending Dualism - Dual Torus Yin/Yang Merger


I spoke of this before, and now there is a great video of it. Transcending the Yin/Yang symbol beyond its 2 dimensional form. Yin Yang, when represented in its 2D form is a place of dualistic concepts. But, we need to transcend the concept of dualism, though dualism still resides within manifestation of physical.

In order to do this, we need to expand Yin Yang into 3 dimensions. This creates Sphere Geometry. The unique aspect of Yin Yang, are the dots. The dots are actually the inversion areas of the torus model. The torus is the 4 and 5 dimensional representation of Yin/Yang.

Again, we find the torus/vortice form within all. Once this is properly integrated into the way we see our reality, we can begin transcending the concept of dualism, though it will still always remain in the place of our past.

- Chad Adams