Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Empathy, Integrity, and Transparency (EIT)

Imagine one full generation that lived, loved, and worked with these three principles being the foundation of our worldview. Imagine what could be accomplished. In one generation we would take leaps within what it is to be a human far greater than any other generation.

As it is now, it is as if we build things up just to tear them back down. We take two steps forward, one step back, constantly wasting the gift of life, of sentient life!, just so we can knock ourselves down and try to get up.

But, with these three principles, everything conceived of, imagined, constructed by us would be for the betterment of mankind as a whole. No more would our world be based on greed and personal gratification. An entire species working towards evolving the entire species. Never before remembered in our history has such a thing existed.

In just one generation, we would/could change the human condition permanently. I don't mean this as all fluffy, lovey-dovey stuff. I look at this as an advancement of the human race. The technological advances, the psychological advances, spiritual advances, etc.

Don't mind me, just dreaming aloud.

- Chad Adams

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