Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Deformation and Reconciliation, a Follow-Up to: ElectroStatic and ElectroMagnetic Charge Fields

This is a follow-up to this post: ElectroStatic and ElectroMagnetic Charge Fields

Two tetrahedrons creates a cube.
It goes like this.
4 Spheres creates a tetrahedron.
8 spheres, or 2 tetrahedrons, creates a cube.
That is the creation of the Platonic Solids.

Also, from another angle, you have one tetrahedron facing downward and above another one which faces upward. The one above is the soul descending into matter. The one below is the physical human ascending into it's soul...or reconnecting with it's soul.

If you move them both towards each other you end up getting the star of david, or the merkaba. At the perfectly centered convergence point, when all is balanced between the two, you have a soul perfectly embodied within the physical.

I need to upload some pics of this. Easier to view, than try and say in words.

This video is missing the 4 spheres, but is pretty good.

Now, we're going to make it another step more accurate. See the lines? Well, there are no 'particles' at this level. It is actually gradients of energy that make all this up. Think of it as denser regions. So, when you have the 4 spheres - because of the attraction/repulsion forces of magnetism - it creates the tetrahedron. The tetrahedron is where the interstices, or the gradient energy is 'densest'. It is 4 spheres perfectly attracted to each other and 'stick' together in the closest proximity that 4 spheres can be. But, the repulsive nature of magnetism prevents it from collapsing in on itself. This allows the 4 spheres of 'energy' to remain stable and gives the entire structure mass in the general shape of the tetrahedron.

There is no 'solid' in the micro. It is all moving energy attracting and repulsing.

Now, another step. The spheres are actually moving energy that is laterally spinning and inverting on itself, which makes it perpetual and allows the entire construct to retain stability. A laterally moving sphere inverting on itself is a torus in motion.

Here is the actual sphere, except in this representation the lines are not fully moving laterally. They only begin moving laterally when inversion is occurring.

We also must include the two opposing vortices as seen in Walter Russell's work.

You might find it difficult to see the vortices. In this representation above, you can see the vortices in the middle are in movement too.

Truth is scalar, so we should be able to see this form at all levels and sizes. And, we do. In galaxies and our own energetic earth environment.

We can also see it by looking at ancient teachings as well.
 Each sphere manifests from a dormant field of electric charge, and a dormant field of magnetic charge. Once these two fields come across a vibration, it causes movement to exist within - and without - it . The movement some say is caused from light. The movement is 'captured' within charge, and caused to move in a particular manner (laterally) because of the nature of the magnetic charge field (tensegrity). REMEMBER, is not just lines or points, it is an area of movement. If we go deeper, we can call it an area of influence on the Singularity Charges of Electricity and Magnetism.

The spheres are made of identical 'stuff' (the SCEM in motion).

This is when you will hear aether always talking about two causes making a singular effect.

The two initial causes (SCEM) are the unmoving 'electric charge field' and the 'magnetic charge field'. (The word 'field' shouldn't be used though. Perhaps I will switch those around and say 'singularity')

Once these two causes have 'movement' they form aether's singular effect.

The singular effect is the torus whose entire energy area moves laterally and inverts back on itself.

Oscillating energy movements. They move this way because of the laterally moving, inverting torus.

Right now, it seems there is a slight deformation in the perceived perfection of the torus, which makes our environmental reality not 'pure'.

What we are again to experience, is the deformation being removed from the environment, and our environment again lining up without deformation, like it was during the Golden Ages.

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