Monday, February 18, 2013

The Floating Water Bridge - Water Behaving as a Plasma

What water is doing is behaving as if alive when having electric current ran through it.

If we are electric beings, and most of our bodies are the water structuring how our bodies are structure and function per the electrical signatures and flow of electricity in our bodies?

What I am asking/saying, when water within our bodies has electromagnetic stimulus, is it creating the 'blueprint' of how we are structured and how we function at a 'blueprint' level?. Or is it solely reliant on DNA? Maybe DNA forms the original pattern, and water/electromagnetism helps keep the pattern in place as we 'live'.

Wow, I think I just went out in left field somewhere.

While it's one of the most important and abundant chemical compounds on Earth, water is still a puzzle to scientists. Much research has been done to uncover the structure of water beyond the H2O scale, which is thought to be responsible for many of water’s unique properties. However, the nature of this structure, governed by hydrogen bonds, is currently unknown. “Water undoubtedly is the most important chemical substance in the world,” explained Elmar Fuchs and colleagues from the Graz University of Technology in Austria in a recent study. “The interaction of water with electric fields has been intensely explored over the last years. We report another unusual effect of liquid water exposed to a dc electric field: the floating water bridge.” When exposed to a high-voltage electric field, water in two beakers climbs out of the beakers and crosses empty space to meet, forming the water bridge. The liquid bridge, hovering in space, appears to the human eye to defy gravity.

Weird Water in Space is Electrically Charged
By Staff
posted: 07 May 2010
12:54 pm ET
A new 'phase' of water that is electrically charged has been discovered in space for the first time.

The weird space water vapor was discovered in an interstellar dust cloud by the European Space Agency's Herschel space observatory.

Unlike the three more familiar phases of water – namely solid ice, liquid water and gaseous steam – this newfound 'phase' doesn't occur naturally on Earth.

In the birth clouds surrounding young stars, ultraviolet light is pumping through the gas, and this irradiation can knock an electron out of the water molecule, leaving it with an electrical charge.

"This detection of ionized water vapor came as a surprise," said Arnold Benz of ETH Zurich in Switzerland. "It tells us that there are violent processes taking place during the early birth stages which lead to widespread energetic radiation throughout the cloud."

The detection of this weird form of water was announced Thursday during a major scientific symposium held at the European Space Agency (ESA), which runs the observatory, in Noordwijk, Netherlands.

The first scientific results from the Herschel observatory also included new views of massive star formation and a temperature reading of a frigid cloud of gas and dust, were released at the symposium.

Herschel launched in May 2009 alongside Europe's Planck observatory, which will detect the cosmic microwave background radiation of the universe.

So, a new phase of water discovered in space. Add electricity, massive volts in electric currents in space, and it attracts the water together...interesting...

Begin adding it together, and we can visually and more easily begin to see creation and its binding patterns at work...through vibrations and electrical influences.

The sun is electric.

Starlight creates water.

So, when these stars (suns) create water, the water is submerged in electrical currents from the star's relationship within its electrical environment.

Is the sun structuring water, and water structuring us? I am not saying that as 100%, but is the sun influencing the structure of water, and is water influencing the structure of us?

- Chad Adams

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  1. Fascinating revelations. For some reason the phenomena shown here
    reminds me of the 'homeopathic effects' of remedies on the human body.

    The remedy works at the 'energy level' of the human body.

    As you point out, since the human body is mostly water, the 'energy effect' of the homeopathic remedy is really effecting the 'energy' that 'structures' the very water that composes the human body.

    Perhaps, this is the explanation of how homeopathy actually works?