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Saptaparna is represented by a triangle (or triad) above a square (or quaternary) that symbolizes septenary man. Man's physical nature has six dimensions, known as senary, the "physical man". The septenary man includes his physical nature as well as his immortal soul, the divine seventh dimension.
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The feeling is this: I want to 'learn' something new and amazing. Or, learn something profound that somehow is related to me or my experiences.

Or, something profound that is changing the world. Something that we haven't discussed before.

I feel it is going to become much, much simpler soon. There is so much that will be reconciled from  our magnetosphere, where all past memory of human past is contained within.

My sister had the vision in 2008, of the burden of our distorted information field and how it 'contains' us, just as we hold to it, like an individual staying in an abusive relationship. When it is collectively released, there will be confusion, much like a life-long slave suddenly free...and not knowing what to do or how to react to the outside world.

The distorted information field is humanities greatest burden.

Connections made turning churning clouds into mirrored reflections of puddled water. A little more. I can't 'see' where that little more is going to come from. I have suspicions I suppose.

What a ride.

Everything nestled in a little tighter and smoother. Same info, deeper connectivity, better mapping of the picture, and more specific distortions surgically removed.

I wonder how much beliefs bias the connection and transmission.

It seems it may be able to be set aside if they are focused enough. For example, Tesla. It seems he could fully submerge himself in the connection because he was focused on the actual inventions and mechanics of how they work. Russell, on the other hand...that is why he equated it to God so much more...because he did not have as much of an isolated focus on an 'invention' that would have helped him pull away from the bias of his beliefs.
correct you are not like the others
you are within the construct of time and space your signature declares this
now that 7 is where time and space meet
its a wheel there are 7 points to it each having a persona per say animal in nature

collect all things of spirit these constructs go into the 7 point level if you will

Once 'collected' the ability to access the convergence point of time/space becomes available.

learn why time space and spirit is associated to 7 and needs to be shattered

Once the convergence point of 7 is shattered, access beyond time/space through spirit (consciousness) becomes unbarred. The gate is open. Not temporarily, but fully, as it is 'shattered'. Hah! The conduit is open, without distortion and with spirit to guide the travels between the portal where the gate once stood.

Sophia is wisdom 11 is her number 9 is her countenance her temple is wondrous to behold

Sophia/11/wisdom is flowing - it is function
Sophia/9/ is form - it is structure

she answers you not in the darkness but this is the lesson she want you to learn

~ a bird must land to know the sky

a knowing of her presence is all one needs to birth the will to survive which is the spirit flame twined

Unrestricted flow going both ways. The Star of David as a visual (?). Consciously embodied Divinity within biological garments, unrestrained.

first was will
not thought
for force had to be before it was realized
gods will is force
the thought recognizes it and puts it into the astral where it begins to manifest on the material plane

Everything material is birthed from the seeds in the non-material. The seed is not thought, but rather the force of will. What is the force of will? The Force of Will, is the Seed, and the seed is intention.

one god one truth one point of freedom

The Source

i hope that gives you some meat to chew on

Yes, thank you.

your like a hungry tiger for knowledge

nom, nom, nom

your doing good my brother


It's coming, isn't it (?)

Not so many imparting their words, looking, seeking, trying to understand. The center is rising...being coaxed, fermenting, and the dance of flames in which rabble-risers discuss throwing tea into waters churning dark and unforgiving.

"I will not be left behind," I hear a friend voice into the depths of my question. A surrounding of intent washes through the quays once thought so submerged. Pawns, fingers, hands...intent, grasping, placing.

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  1. I have experienced the phenomenon of 6 completed by the divine seventh, as six sisters awaiting the arrival of the seventh, the Tiny One. Perhaps this is a metaphor, as I have discovered that most information in non-ordinary reality - dreams, visions, etc. - seems to be expressed that way. It is nevertheless very powerful and very real. I have also encountered the temple of Sophia. It is well hidden.