Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thinning Veils Shifting Perceptions

Synergistic twining has begun to occur properly between us and all that is not us, sharing fully in reconciliation, easing the complexity of the twining, making it a more pure relationship. These two causes, us and all that is not us, within this pure relationship should have the effect of vastly increasing, influencing and (finally) properly 'evolving' the relationship with true universal reality.

This results in incorporating the incoming archetypes with less separation between our collective consciousness and our overall environment being absorbed and radiated out from our personal consciousness to earth's magnetosphere to the sun's environment (heliosphere), our galaxy, local cluster, etc. all entwining at a much more intimate level of relationship.

As this synergy continues throughout, the veil will lessen. As the veil thins on our inside, so our perceptions shift on the outside to reflect the thinning veil we are perceiving on the inside. The perceptual shift occurring on the outside will come back into proper alignment, thus heralding the coming of a new age of enlightenment.

The depths of one persons soul is infinite and boundless. And that is just one small fractal in this massive eternal picture. Imagine changing one persons soul, and how it will reflect throughout the entirety of future self. Imagine over 7 billion boundless souls changing, at the same moment, into the same direction, the same massive revelations. Imagine how that would radiate across all 7 billions souls future paths and all directions, in all times, in all places. Not to mention our friendlies, and our antagonists.

There is so much more than merely this material existence. Material existence is literally a mere shadow to what reality is. It will be beautiful when it all aligns, and converges.

 Concepts are the initial thought forms...we build up certain concepts and begin putting them into relation to our lives. Some we throw out, and some we continue buidling upon, thinking and working out in our heads (and computers nowadays) how we can manifest the concepts into our reality...then, we actually begin manifesting our thoughts turned to concepts as we work out how and if they will be beneficial to our physical lives. We begin building the concepts into our physical reality and the constructs are born.

We don't have to literally build the concepts into constructs like a building, but, like religions and philosophies and 'law systems', we build them through communication. When they reach a particular tipping threshold, the collective begins reacting these communicated concepts as if they are a reality, and the communicated concepts become constructs in our lives...we build entire governments and civilizations around the constructs.

Science, religion, philosophies, education, etc are the major constructs...they are the paradigms...or a collective cohesion and working order of multiple constructs.

That is why paradigm change is so difficult. We are embedded in all this...everywhere. And in order to break down a paradigm, many multiples of constructs must constantly be broken down. In order for that to happen, other thoughts must take root, forming the concepts...and with enough influence behind them, they form cracks in the existing paradigms. But, as you can see, it is a monumental task, as others who do not want paradigm transformation are repairing the damage to the existing paradigms with all their might.

So, you get revolutions of sorts, where the influence is great and strong, punching cracks in the existing paradigms, quick, hard and constant...persistent.

Then the collapse happens, and the world shifts...

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  1. forget it bro, they won't break their egg-shells, but a handful who have matured and are ripe..the rest will be served pink and probably in an "organically grown" package.. and the waiter will be tipped.. pretty much the same improbability that will warp the best of us is needed to keep breeding billions of others.. in infinitesimal to infinity ratio.. you know all these I am fairly certain..btw nice references I see here, thank you.. ive been looking all over to get some good stuff for some hours now ^-^