Monday, June 10, 2013

Transcending Dualism - Dual Torus Yin/Yang Merger


I spoke of this before, and now there is a great video of it. Transcending the Yin/Yang symbol beyond its 2 dimensional form. Yin Yang, when represented in its 2D form is a place of dualistic concepts. But, we need to transcend the concept of dualism, though dualism still resides within manifestation of physical.

In order to do this, we need to expand Yin Yang into 3 dimensions. This creates Sphere Geometry. The unique aspect of Yin Yang, are the dots. The dots are actually the inversion areas of the torus model. The torus is the 4 and 5 dimensional representation of Yin/Yang.

Again, we find the torus/vortice form within all. Once this is properly integrated into the way we see our reality, we can begin transcending the concept of dualism, though it will still always remain in the place of our past.

- Chad Adams

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