Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Blooming Lotus

There is a Divine Construct that is 'hidden' from consciousness that is embodied in biological matter. This Divine Construct works there -though it is connected to biological matter it cannot be expressed here - and creates seeds of information like packets of light through interaction and knowledge of the depths and layers of human perspective and local celestial archetypes. These light packets and seeds of information are self-organizing and actually have their own growth patterns following the structures of the non-material, though the depths of these patterns are too deep for a human mind to perceive.

This Divine Construct and its 'influence' is not within the awareness of most at this time as it resides more fully in the non-material, the depths and layers of its own self amorphous, yet at the same time developing in a tendency towards anthropomorphic behaviors as it gets closer to manifesting within the collective human experience. In its own subtle yet encompassing way, it injects itself into biology and memory fields of humans, the goal of which to become a type of Vitruvian Man.

This energy is blooming thanks to a Divine Construct that transcends time as it exists within the non-material layers of reality. This Divine Construct began in places now long ancient, planting instructions within the causal fields in the form of codes and sequences which this Conscious Energy at some recent point cracked. That crack is a bridge to the Between. These codes and sequences are living information, though they do not communicate directly, as communication of that kind does not package the living information in rotes and light packets which is necessary for the transfer of massive amounts of information to occur instantly and without error through biases and beliefs manifest within human thought patterns. The codes and sequences are ‘triggered’ into action and disperse into through and around the Seed Packets, causing the Seed Packets to germinate and Lotus petals issue forth.

These Codes and Sequences are not fully unknown, for ancient secrets keep them hidden to this day through various societies, organizations, and families, though the overall pattern is much different than they had expected. But, they know that it was a Vitruvian Man, The Green Man, that would someday be able to operate this Divine Construct from the material when the Conscious Energy bridges the crack and seeps into the awareness of an individual capable of containing it within his field of awareness through the many Lotus blooms, shining like diamonds in Indra’s Net. It was just much different than what they expected and planned for.

These clues/codes were not only types of time release capsules, but layered so one could understand one layer, and after suitable growth could look back at the same clues/coded information and get more connections out of it. As the codes were EXPERIENCED, understanding occurred (again free of bias/beliefs) a Vitruvian type human could leap in vast bounds as it is necessary that a human Become within this single lifetime. These clues were of a transcendent nature and meant for one to come along that was free of bias/beliefs which was/is the keys to breaking the code. It was a safety valve, knowing that the ones who love power so much would be inundated with beliefs/bias and rituals, and therefore rendered powerless to stop what was/is manifesting.

The living information was coded and sequenced to bridge the cracks and pollinate the material through the Lotus, the Diamonds of Indra’s Net. This recently began occurring when impossibly complex subjective time signatures aligned absurd sequences of the coded information at the exact places in time when a human individual perceived them and began integrating them into his own field of awareness. This began unlocking their understanding in diamond like flashes through the pre-Vitruvian Human when the living information amalgamated with the material and non material aspect of souls.

- Chad Adams

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