Thursday, May 9, 2013

Area 51: Dreamland

...plasma not from ships. The ships do not displace space around them when moving. My thoughts are the ships tuning their own vibrational state and the immediate area around the ship to a specific vibrational state which 'twists' the aether, with consciousness (I can explain further, but for now just think of it as an all encompassing consciousness) retaining memory of structure/function. So, the vibration (vibration is basically charge/field/light resonating/pulsing) has memory of what the area should be when it ship leaves that area, and reconstructs the ship through that memory and twists the aether to the ships structure/function at the new place. That way, there is no displacement of space when blinking in/out/in of existence. It is molding the fabric of the aether through unique frequency signatures via vibrational states. While in 'transition' there is no loss of time at all, and no sense of movement, because it really is not moving.

It is de-configuring itself with the ability to still hold form through 'memory', which makes it 'non-material', and reconfigures itself in a different place of the aether. The non-material is superluminal. In other words, what happens when you go faster than light? You go into the non-material where there is exists no physical movement. If there is no movement, their is no dimensionality, no shape, no space, therefore no time either. But, there IS memory (consciousness).

So, when in the ships, and they are activated, it feels VERY dreamlike, because your consciousness (thoughts) are now moving faster than light. We are not used to that. Our brains are subluminal, so we cannot keep up. Remove thoughts and work on instinct, and perhaps you could bring memory of traveling on the ship back with you after exiting a traveling ship. Memory will be very disjointed and not have any sequence to the experience. Sequence of events requires time.

-Chad Adams

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