Tuesday, March 18, 2014

“Did you lose something?” - My mind. I had set it free, but it must love me because it came back.

I was doing a different kind of work...strange, thinking about it. I have been freeing them from the chains of belief they had created around themselves. This, is exactly what I have been doing...never thought about that before.

There will always be un-knowables...paradox's...because existence is infinite. Mystery, or un-knowables, are the reason for creation. Relationship is the mechanism where-by we can submerge ourselves into Ourselves, in order to experience and further create. Further creation pushes further mysteries...and the mysteries are the carrot dangling before the horse-cart.

Perhaps we are a localized mess, and now our environment, the area of space that we have recently entered, is offering us the opportunity to get back in touch with Source without having to be a do-over.  I am talking literally about our environment, down to its quantum make-up.

Yes, we have had it rough.  Occurrences in the human past that have damaged our souls, caused soul trauma.  On top of that, an ancient environment that created a distortion, a gap that left us without communion with divinity.

If we make it through all this intact, imagine the stories the human experience will have.  Imagine the experience.  Imagine the true 'helpers' we could become with the amount of experiences we have gone through, and made it even though we have been completely lost for so long.  Imagine a creature that cannot know its divine nature, yet having the strength and yearning to struggle to find it again.  I cannot fathom that under-taking, and yet we are living it.

I can't see going through all that we humans have, just to give up and start all over again.  We are a profound species, we just have yet to realize our divinity on a collective level.

I know, I may come from a very different set of beliefs.  I just look at all this and see self-responsibility as the way out.  We are already blended with God.  We are God manifested, like all else in the universe.  We just have lost the means of communion with our divinity, and have realized a harder path than the norm in the universe.

The loneliness swims through waters of isolation
Absolution granted brings light to the dark places
of Cthulhu damaged
Through pattern recognition / intuitive cognition /
Monolithic under siege
Reconciliation through resonating rippling influence
Echoing Spherical Geometry

I am sad at the nature of most humans.  They are so narrow minded, so...righteous, so divisive.  It is not the human condition that is at fault.  It is our particular environment at this stage of development.  Unfortunately, we have had it so hard.  Deeply imbedded soul trauma.

One day, we will all look at every single unique individual and see divinity.  All of our faults, all of our idiosyncrasies, all of our looks, all of our differences...we will look at each other with wonder and delight, and bathe in the uniqueness of being a human.

We will stop demonizing, stop hating, stop blaming, stop lying.  We will love all without hate or vices or blame or violence...but rather accept and love and enjoy the diversity human beings are capable of.  We are a species so profound, that once we evolve above the convolution that is now us, we will look back and see how much we held each other back, and weep at it...and love each other all the more.

Ahhhh, just when I thought I was lost among the insane. Or shall I say inane (an abstract intonation of my decrepit meanderings aloud, not to be interpreted as an insult to the non-existent Perspectives Guild). A wondering cry (far from the often misinterpreted expression of ignorance and more like the boring excuse of innocence) has tickled an ear. A balancing of sentence composure rushing the critique.

Forget about the thoughts and feelings that personal writings evoke in others.  The need to go deep inside to brush a soul discovering is upon me once again, not unlike an old friendly muse.  Write from a place in the mind where words form as easily as storms across the Midwest sky.  Capture it for yourself and in that you will be true.  Do not change it for someone else as most tend to do.

When not practiced enough.

After all my dark thoughts had somehow lit a flame to write upon and burnt itself to the soiled earth (dark thoughts now so far from me) I have found a new muse to quench this dry pen.

I thought to give up, not surrender, but rather move on to other habitats of written repositories. Maybe I shall stay awhile. A sigh breathes life into a muse I once thought dead.

Send a word and build a vision. Send a vision and write an epic.

- Chad Adams


  1. Craig, I'm clocking you to my right. THANK you for speaking boldly in one of my native tongues. Your website is an ecstatic dream to me! As a theoretical physicist, lover of the language of geometrical light (the building blocks of this spiritual technology...er..third density) and blah, blah, blah.. thank you for your transmissions! Totally.

    It's a GIFT to "stumble" onto your energetic fingerprint. Again, thank you, THANK you for this watering hole in the Vast Mystery. You are known by your Fundamental Frequency. And I so DEEPLY appreciate you, my friend. I will be devouring the tasty offerings in your Cybernetic Oasis. 🙏

  2. Thank you Molecule.
    And my name is Chad, not Craig.