Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Perhaps we are a localized mess, and now our environment, the area of space that we have recently entered, is giving us the opportunity to get back in touch with source without having to be a do-over.  I am talking literally about our environment, down to its quantum make-up.

Yes, we have had it rough.  Occurrences in the human past that have damaged our souls, caused soul trauma.  On top of that, an ancient environment that created a distortion, a gap that left us without communion with divinity.

If we make it through all this in tact, imagine the stories the human experience will have.  Imagine the experience.  Imagine the true 'helpers' we could become with the amount of experiences we have gone through, and made it even though we have been completely lost for so long.  Imagine a creature that cannot know its divine nature, yet having the strength and yearning to struggle to find it again.  I cannot fathom that under-taking, and yet we are living it.

I can't see going through all that we humans have, just to give up and start all over again.  We are a PROFOUND species, we have just yet to realize our divinity on a collective level.

I know, I come from a very different set of beliefs.  I just look at all this and see self-responsibility as the way out.  We are already blended with God.  We are God manifested, like all else in the universe.  We just have lost the means of communion with our divinity, and have realized a harder path than the norm in the universe.

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  1. Profound Pro fundus De Profundis

    Many want to go back home... however they never left home... they just forgot...
    because they are lost in their mind stories....
    You're home, my child... said Mama and Papa :-)