Friday, October 11, 2013

Humans Being

One day, we will all look at every single unique individual and see divinity.  All of our faults, all of our idiosyncrasies, all of our looks, all of our differences...we will look at each other with wonder and delight, and bathe in the uniqueness of being a human.

We will stop demonizing, stop hating, stop blaming, stop lying.  We will love all without hate or vices or blame or violence...but rather accept and love and enjoy the diversity human beings are capable of.  We are a species so profound, that once we evolve above the convolution that is now us, we will look back and see how much we held each other back, and weep at it...and love each other all the more.

-Chad Adams

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  1. Hey Chad.
    It's been a while since I've said anything, because not a lot happened; until recently. This Day was my Birthday and, on that Day and a few prior to that and up to the Day before yesterday, (the 17th) it seemed that I/We were put through the Fire. What a weird ride! All seems well now. You're message for the 11th is amazing. I, too, can't wait for Humanity to embrace each other as We ring-in The New Day!