Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Language of the Birds

(note: see the umbilical cord connecting the Sun and Odin?)

Remember all the posts that have 'a little bird told me'?

I think this is a hint that the people who have said that are talking about the Language of the Birds. This makes perfect sense in context to many particular posts that seemed to be hinting to someone or messaging someone in a veiled way.

In mythology, medieval literature and occultism, the language of the birds is postulated as a mystical, perfect divine language, green language, adamic language, enochian language, angelic language or a mythical or magical language used by birds to communicate with the initiated.
- Language of Birds

The article below speaks of how the Language of the Birds is also called The Green Language (which reminds me of the stories of the Green Man). It says that the language will be understood (brought to light) at the end of the cycles of time. This reminds me of a time when all secrets will be revealed. Many spiritual practices, religions, and occults speak of this, and there are a lot of occult members saying that we are in the time of revealing presently.

The Language of the Birds is also known as the Green Language or the Language of the Gods. It embraces Kabbalah, Astrology, Alchemy and Tarot. Its grammar is symbolism, more to the point, holographic symbolism, when properly understood.   Birds further reference ascension of human consciousness in the alchemy of time, winged gods from the sky, bird-headed beings, Thoth in particular - linked to creation of this reality. Thoth the Scribe is the ancient Egyptian god who scripted the languages of our reality, to be viewed as symbolic messages through the ages, and finally brought to light at the end of the cycles of time.
- Green Language
Another says that the Language of the Birds is the 'angelic language', and once understood communication with higher beings becomes possible, and higher states of be-ing.

This brings us back directly to what was said at the outset about "the language of the birds", which can also be called "angelic language", and which is symbolized in the human world by rhythmic language, for the science of rhythm, which has many applications, is in fact ultimately the basis of all the means which can be brought into action in order to enter into communication with the higher states of being.
- Angelic Language

Perhaps we are in fact close to the revealing of all.


  1. I'm a Birder and enjoy "talking" with birds. Your post this morning puts me onto a deeper path of understanding. Thanks.

  2. So much (I guess everything) is miraculous. Even reflections right? Hold up a mirror and you immediately capture a magnificent HD image with motion, etc etc etc that would take 10000s of lines of code to produce (I assume). Yet when I remove the mirror I only see surroundings but the light is still bouncing all over carrying this HD image information that I am effectively seeing right through/invisible?

    So matter is discretely reflected light?


    PS That is not an umbilical cord from Sun to Odin. That is a plasma connection to Saturn or something like that. See Thunderbolts project Mythology video fascinating.

  3. Interesting on the plasma connection. I know what you are talking about now.