Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thoughts to Translate: Impulse Magnifying Transmitter, Tesla Three Coil

A recent POD from the Electric Universe, had me rethink my position on the Telsa three coil Impulse Magnifying Transmitter. I believe I was the first person to state catagorically that the IMT was a Theta Pinch Star Machine.
I do not know why it took so long, but really, is the IMT not more like a Pulsar, then a common star?

I submit that based on the pulsed nature of the IMT, that it was the first real Pulsar, on earth.
Remember it was a lightning storm (pulsed power) that allowed Tesla the insight of Longitudinal Currents.
This allowed him to rethink his own creation, the IMT, and now new and unseen possiblitites lit up his synesthesia!

It was from this insight, that he realized the wireless tranmission of POWER.

The work by LaViolette on Pulsars, as galactic beacons, also draws interest to me.
I also know that the Correa's work on Autonomus Abnormal Glow Pulsed Power Vaccum tubes, reveal a key insight into that evil word, Free Energy. I think we need to turn back to pulsed power study in earnest.
The world of pulsed power is the key to so many things that we never see with AC or DC

Pulsed power is the universal mechanism to proper understanding of many things, constant current or alternating current, does not show or manifest. Indeed the world and domain of pulsed power is a Tesla invention and he was the one they silenced.

I submit, by the very nature of the device, that the Tesla IMT was the worlds first Pulsar Theta Pinch machine.
14th May 2010

Since the IMT was a transmitter of longitudinal current, I have a new idea.

I wonder what role Pulsars play in transmitting wireless power to the galactic grid?
I submitt they may play a crucial role in the transmission of galactic currents, relay stations for the galactic core.
Possibly like a transformer action in the galactic grid of longitudinal currents?

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