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Macro Spin Levels


This great attractor is assumed by most, to be fixed in space that it can be taken as the fixed reference in the universe. As you see in my universe hierarchy diagram, and as highly debated within astronomers and scientists, we lack much data and knowledge to assume such thing, and the great attractor is probably orbiting around, with other great attractors around the real fixed centre of the universe. For the pre-eliminary calculations we shall abide to the conventional idea that the great attractor is fixed, and start from Spin level 4 which is the orbital velocity of the galaxy about the great attractor.
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Macro Spin Level 2

Now let's consider level 2, the orbital spin of the earth and other planets around the sun. Actually it's not the planets that are spinning around the sun, but the entire solar system, including the sun is rotating on its own axis. In astronomy, the "ecliptic plane" is by definition, the 2D plane in space defined by the sun at its centre, and by the orbit of the earth, as shown below. The 12 zodiac constellations are all on the ecliptic plane. Let us assume that an observer outside our solar system is observing the motion from a fixed point in space on the same plane as the ecliptic plane. If he could measure the velocities of the sun and earth, he would note that the sun is moving at a constant 250 kps around the centre of the galaxy, but he would also note that the earth is not moving at a constant velocity.
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Macro Spin Level 1

We know a lot of data on this level. The tangential velocity of spin level 1, can be easily calculated knowing the radius of earth and the time it takes for one complete spin (one sidereal day).

Calculation of mass variation for Macro Spin Level 1

Equatorial Earth's diameter : 12757km
Time for complete spin about its axis: 23hrs 56mins 4sec = 86164 seconds
Equatorial perimeter = Pi * 12757 = 40077.29km
Tangential velocity = 40077.29/86164 = 0.465 km/sec or kps
Earth's orbital velocity around the sun (spin level 2) is known to be 30kps.

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Modern astronomy will agree with this model up to the Sagittarius A level. Beyond this hierarchy level, no one knows anything, even if most researchers would agree that they cannot exclude the possibility of the existence of higher hierarchy levels and that the highest known level could in fact be rotating about some yet unknown centre of the universe.[/i]
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re: Cosmic Macro Spin Hierarchy!

there is no 'Universe', but your illustrations harmonize with
what I have done, and what I am doing now regarding the spin
group cluster hierarchy of all experience.

there are no 'black holes', nor is there a lightspeed limit, nor
expanding 'big bang' local cosmos ... nevertheless there ARE
superluminally-spinning toroidal superstars ... and there ARE
self-connected superluminal lightwave beings known as Protons ...

so your hierarchy suggesting that the Sagittarius A* Toroidal SuperSun
might be scaled up (a thousand-fold?) for one or more Centre Suns
for the Virgo Supercluster is much welcomed -- and there is probably
lots of massive candidates out there in the misnamed 'Black Hole'
literature we can scour through.

similarly for larger scales, viz. our local Matter-Verse of right handed
positive parity matter.

I will work up some illustrationss of the Spin-Group aether velocity
hierarchy -- as well as the size/mass/velocity hierarchy of Central Suns
of the the Spin=Groups.

I promised the same to myself, and to Walter Cruttenden, a week or
so ago ... and then found then I need to take a little time off from the
computer to tour the local hills looking for my sanity, and sharing the
wisdom of the Stone Megaliths with a lot of visitors (now that summer
is getting into full swing!)

back soon ...

Millennium Twain 4th May 2010


  1. Hello Sickscent. I saw a few of your posts on GLP and thought I would check out your blog. Pretty heady content to be sure. After skimming over the macro spin post, I was wondering... lets say we are in our dimension that we can see, but in addition to ours there may be other dimensions around us and at some point the contents of the other dimensions begin to affect us in our dimension? Maybe putting a gravitational force on us or influencing the Sun in some manner. Maybe the contents are at a higher potential of affecting us during a predetermined length of time or cycle such as we are going through now. Perhaps during this "cycle" we become physically closer to another part of a dimension that allows the inhabitants from that dimension to actually travel to our dimension in an easier manner.

  2. I agree with what you say. I have had 'experiences' that are very close to what you describe. You can almost think of the experiences as taking place in an 'in-between' state.

    The part that you are not 100% on, is that any other dimension is not what we would consider as 'physical'. Most scientists in the world are wrong in that you are in good company!