Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Insight on Frozen Light

the background to his seeing/thinking is that as all is manifested and sustained via input from aether...the rotating magnetic field....what effects we make and observer are signals moving from point to point within the aether field within the micro up scale....nothing moves in the traditional sense....this is the origin of all all frozen light.....

If instead of thinking of anything as been seperat, You instead focus Your mind on the universe been a solid, then try and comprehend that every finite point in that solid can become anything as it re-orientates subject to the magnetic field it is subjected to.

Then You can view the tornado differently as a direct result of the magnetic loops re-orientating the smallest particles to switch in the magnetic fields orientation.

The more complex and much more compressed particles and larger resist more the switching but are still trying to switch in the magnetic fields direction.

thus the articles that are so called "PICKED UP" by the tornado are in fact trying to become the tornado and are not seperate as is nothing, all is ONE.

This is difficult to verbalise as it is not part of our normal thinking, We view all as seperate, but if I was stood near You, and you moved aside and I moved to where You had just been, then I would be composed in the same stuff that You had been.

i would not be moving though, I would switch every finite particle as I encountered it, thus all movement is switching limited, including light and all signals.

we can only switch at a certain rate , so We therefore have races to see who can switch fastest, such as the humming bird and gnats can switch very fast.

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