Monday, May 3, 2010

Cause and Effect - Nikola Tesla to Walter Russell - "The public is not ready for your teachings..."

Cause and Effect

The law of cause and effect always works. When anything goes wrong with you or with the world, your are or humanity in general is responsible, not God. ... God’s doing God’s part is what Creation or the outworking of cosmic law means. Therefore, instead of asking God to fulfil God’s part, attain knowledge of cosmic law so that you can harmoniously work with God to fulfil your desire. Anything that is wrong with you is of your own making; therefore, gain knowledge of the cause and of cosmic law. …

… people who ask God for fulfilment of their desires forget that material things are created only through two-way action. Material things are not created by rubbing an Aladdin lamp or through wishful thinking. They are created through balanced action and reaction.
(Walter and Lao Russell, Home Study Course in Cosmic Consciousness, Unit 7, Lesson 28)

The aether model...two charges, in balance...achieving stability...the only way it can manifest in our physical world.

The further something is out of sync with its surroundings, the bigger effect it is going to cause to its surroundings.

Walter Russell - “All knowledge exists as Cause. It is simple. It is limited to Light of Mind and the electric wave of motion which records God's thinking in matter."

Nikola Tesla to Walter Russell - "The public is not ready for your teachings..."
And, as usual, Tesla was correct.

Walter Russell - “This New Age is marking the dawn of a new world-thought. That new thought is a new cosmic concept of the value of man to man. The whole world is discovering that all mankind is one and that the unity of man is real – not just an abstract idea. Mankind is beginning to discover that the hurt of any man hurts every man, and, conversely, the uplift of any man uplifts every man” (Message of the Divine Iliad, vol. 2, p. 69). Russell’s predictions about what the New Age would bring included “a marriage between religion and science”. 

Walter Russell - It has often been declared that the human mind could never comprehend God. That statement has been based upon the assumption that the reason we could never comprehend God is that our senses could not detect God.

It is true that we cannot see God but we can KNOW Him. And therein is the essence of New Age thinking. The next hundred years will see as great a spiritual advance in the culture of our civilization as it has seen physically during the past hundred years. That which we cannot see, we can KNOW. We can see the bodies of men but we cannot see man, for the supreme Being within man is invisible. He cannot be seen. He can only be known. For the same reason we cannot see God but we can know Him, and we can know the nature of God by knowing His laws and creative processes. 

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  1. "It is not enough to explain that the finite mind
    will never perceive the infinite, we must prove that the finite mind can or cannot ever be less finite . . ." - Richard Rose