Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Millennium Twain - 9th May 2010

Millennium Twain

father of the US/Intl Space Station,
designer of the X49 Scramjet Spaceplane,
author/discoverer of the Spaceplane Equation,
publisher of the Structure of the Atomic Nucleus ...

20 years ago I resigned and retired to the hills and forest, rather than accept my
'Intelligence-State' designated assignment as Space Weapons designer and champion ...
in the 'stillness' of a lifetime of study of the foundations beneath all mathematics,
all cosmology,... all physics the 'fury' of my love for all 'Spirit Kinds' led me to the truth
of Divine Creation ... 'where-in' experience, electromagnetic spirit, light, consciousness
which in 4D is seen as a helix or spiral of Song, of which the Landscape of Life is formed ...
'where-in' every Dragon Ouroboros, a lightwave, turns around and takes Her tail in Her mouth ...
and thus begats charge, energy, matter, the electron, the proton ... from thought,
from colour, from the Wavelengths and Frequencies of every Chorus ...
'We' and Our World our sung ...

9th May 2010

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