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SpaceQuakes: Continued

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European Geosciences Union's Press Conference on spacequakes

spacequakes caused by a near-earth plasma jet on nightside of the earth

the good thing about the press conference is that they mention the solar wind is charged plasma but then they get into magnetic reconnections...

basically what they have found so far and say happens is when the solar plasma wind gets to the nightside of the earth a part of it is suddenly reversed and accelerates to over 300 kmh against the flow of the solar plasma wind and back towards the earth.

when this fast plasma jet hits the earths dipolar magnetosphere it pushes the magnetic field lines inwards. the magnetic fieldlines then "rebuff" it and push it out. but the plasma switches back towards the earth a few times. its vortex flow direction also changes with each direction, going downwards and duskwards. this is the spacequake.

this toing and froing of the near-earth plasma jet where 10% of the solar winds energy sneaking into the earths atmosphere trigger the auroras and oscillates earths magnetic compasses.

fast plasma jet and spacequakes ground signature - triggering the aurora

what on near-earth is going on?

the amazing thing about spacequakes is that their signature is very similar to earthquakes. they not only release the same amount of energy, have the same signature but also they occur over the same timeframe! if everything in the electric universe is scalable are we seeing what might cause earthquakes or is it that the release energy signature of these events is similar in an electric universe?

there is the talk of the sky glowing around earthquake events and earthquake lights, is the earthquake also triggering less powerful auroras. do spacequakes happen during earthquakes or more important to the EU theory do earthquakes trigger a spacequake? if there is an event on earth that triggers or causes energy to go from the earth to the sun, without an external trigger or source then the gravity universe has to be dead.

spacequake signature on bastile day weather event in 2000 and earthquake in china 2010

there are many more questions or ideas that i can think of and i am sure others will come up with many more. some of my first thoughts are below

is the earths fast plasma jet not the "solar wind" itself being reversed but plasma in that area being accelerated towards the earth.
how can scientists explain that the fast plasma jet keeps going backwards and forwards to the earth.
is the signature damping oscillations or a feedback system?
is the plasma jet coming back from the earth the same plasma going towards it or is it part of the exchange in the circuit and earths global electrical weather system. is "earth plasma" coming out instead.

a gallery of all the images they used in the press conference about the spacequakes can be found here: [link to


Sickscent, here's something to look into, it could be related to crop circle formation.

Astrophysical masers


A brief introduction to the concept of a natural maser is followed by a history of the discovery of masers in space and a discussion of their basic properties. Several arguments are put forward that effectively exclude the possibility of such bright, compact radio sources arising from any other radiation process. 
The present state of observational knowledge is reviewed with reference to various source regions: massive star-forming regions; circumstellar envelopes; cores of external galaxies (megamasers); supernova remnants; comets; and planetary atmospheres. A complementary review of maser theory discusses progress on the understanding of the saturation, polarization and beaming of astrophysical masers, and the need for accurate molecular data, such as collisional rate coefficients. Likely future opportunities are discussed for both observations and theory. New instruments, some space based, and improved detector technology will revolutionize maser observations, while improved computing power will allow ever more sophisticated modelling. Various applications of masers as astrophysical tools are considered, with applications to distance measurement, cosmology and the SETI programme.
link to]

link to]

Historical background

In 1965 an unexpected discovery was made by Weaver et al.[3]: emission lines in space, of unknown origin, at a frequency of 1665 MHz. At this time many people still thought that molecules could not exist in space, and so the emission was at first attributed to an unknown interstellar species named Mysterium, but the emission was soon identified as line emission from OH molecules in 
compact sources within molecular clouds[4]. More discoveries followed, with H2O emission in 1969[5], CH3OH emission in 1970[6] and SiO emission in 1974[7], all coming from within molecular clouds. These were termed "masers", as from their narrow line-widths and high effective temperatures it became clear that these sources were amplifying microwave radiation.

Masers were then discovered around highly-evolved Late type stars; First was OH emission in 1968[8], then H2O emission in 1969[9] and SiO emission in 1974[10]. Masers were also discovered in external galaxies in 1973[11], and in our own solar system in comet halos.

Another unexpected discovery was made in 1982 with the discovery of emission from an extra-galactic source with an unrivalled luminosity about 106 times larger than any previous source[12]. This was termed a megamaser because of its great luminosity; many more megamasers have since been discovered.

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