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Inner thoughts on Recent Developments...

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now we getting somewhere...

It has been my argument that gravity and anti gravity has always been the movement of the charges in our own system (planet) to and away from our source charge in the core of our planet. This on rush of charges actually affect our matter in the downward rush twords that potential in the core.
It is not a wave and it is nothing more then what runs all of the motions in our universe. We have complicated something so simple because thats what we do. We complicate everything we touch with lines and lines of math when the concept is so simple.
Gravity and Magnetism is so simple in design that it has been misunderstood because we refuse to believe that it could be soo simple. There is no explanation that we could come up with for the mechanism behind it in our current models and thats because our current models are flawed and based upon assumptions that are founded in a math computation that has no room for the unseen. You can't quantify something you can not see. Instead of looking at all the information we have in nature we refuse to believe it is so simple but that is what it is. Simplicity is nature.

teams got bigger..these are new thoughts (people)...

Lets take the arc and spark question. We can all see that between point a and b there is some kind of mechanism that conducts before the actual movement of charges or arc/spark. Something moves before the charges to line up in the space between point a and b. This is the same mechanism that allows lines of force to come from no where to form a "magnetic field" in a coil of wire. These lines of force are actually a conduit that forms from something that is not conductive for charges but is a conduit to guide the charges to the point b. This works in a reverse logic, meaning it forms from the source on a coil, which is only one side of the coil. That is the exact reason voltage leads current in our current system. Depending on the value of the source, high or low, depends on the amount of time it takes to form the bridge or roadway for the charges to be attracted over that bridge depends on the phase relation of voltage and the ability of the charges to flow into the system.
Normal systems that have wires and components act like an antenna that is exposed to the energy or charges in the environment to attract the charges into the system.
If one looked into the composition and structure of metals one would find something very very interesting and now fundamentally accepted. Metals are Crystalline in structure. Yet another crystal reference. Hmmm... Are we seeing a link here?

Another interesting device is the Dr. Stiffler sec device that has been showing excellent electrolysis but I think he might not be understanding his device that well. Seeing that if you take my Theory that I have devised from Tesla's work and how nature appears to work it fits the same profile. Dr. Stiffler has a device that resonates a coil and has a diode as the final electrode in water coupled by a ring of metal tape around the outside of a test tube with the diode in the water itself. This seems to produce only hydrogen from the end of the diode that would be blocking half of the ac signal he produces. In effect creating a static potential on one end of the diode wire. Very little oxygen is produced from the end that is coupled to the metal tape which I believe is hooked to the one wire transmitter he has devised. This seems to do the same as what I am proposing but he is using the inrush of charges twords that one end to enact electrolysis by stripping charges from the water as well. This is actually a passive system of doing electrolysis because they don't need to loop and destroy the dipole it sets up.

Here is a link to the Dr. Stiffler device and the test with electrolysis:


I am thinking that I should try this myself as well to prove to myself that this is the exact process and that I can do it in my method as well with better results. Meaning that my system that I modified should be able to extract more because the potential is much higher. It's the precursor to my main experiment and should give me more data of my theory being right or it could let me know more about what is wrong in my theory.
Anyways I will know more once I start my tests and record the results

Funny...for a few years now I've thought that gravity isn't 'gravity'. Its not a seperate force, but rather an effect of a cause. Scientists have looked at it as a cause...that is as an isolated force. Even the aether models do this. It is somehow tied to the aether model, but might be a result of complexity rather than base fundemental. Matter/mass is a result of complexity...etc. - Chad (aka: SickScent)

There is a gap here...what about superfluids, or the Water Bridge experiment...?the water bridge doesn't need a conduit to join the seperated sources of water...this example makes it understood that it might not necesarily be a 'conduit', but rather an attraction of like sources across area... - Chad (aka: SickScent)
That attraction forms the conduit...the attraction is the cause...the conduit it the effect. They are saying that the conduit is thwe cause and attraction is effect. That wouldn't work as optimal, for one. And two, it makes more sense in the water bridge exp to have attraction as the cause... - Chad (aka: SickScent)

You know...this is actually extremely interesting and important. If the conduit is the cause, then everything is guided by the conduits...if attraction is the cause, then everything is guided by its relation to everything else...
Now, tell me how I am wrong in that thought... - Chad (aka: SickScent)

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