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LHC CERN should be proving the 5 wave forms for humanity at any day now.... which could help humanity to construct a nice stargate system....if humanity could figure out Prime number theory as well....Which is a matter of defining a functional shape to the number line....which was discussed on another of my threads.....Bottom line....teleportation is coming closer to reality for humanity.

The implications to this are phenomenal! I wonder if humanity is ready....If somebody had the formulas for proof and went public if humanity would should or could use it? Do you think humanity is ready?
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Dear 'aether'

Throwing a stone in a pond and recording the effects of the infinite reverberations is interesting for an array. As to the math behind it in application it would necesitate a limit derivative FUNCTION.....Just as in teleportational mathematics the formal relationships break down (otherwise you would have an infinite amount of subsets between time intervals and could never record from one interval to the next) but the FUNCTIONAL is immediately apparent in the arrays recording....Thanks for the find!
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then take your mind to phase conjugate wave (reverse time) propagates...and your thinking/seeing like tesla...huh
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Dear 'Aether'

Tesla had his inventions taken from him and his thoughts surpressed by influential people.

as to my rhyme and reason I am purposing that Mathematically humanity is close to unravelling teleportation that it needs to focus on the function rather than the specificity of the number system. I believe the answer lies in the functions.

Will I post a proof of this to be ridiculed or perhaps worse to be responsible... probabbly not. Someday some website may have an anonymous donation. Is humanity ready? Thats what Im interested in.
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your intuition is correct.....the knowledge (maths) has been known for nearly 100 years...

the fuction of the knowledge has become apparent in the past 30 years...

...humankinds ability to manifest a frame of mind that harmonise with the fuction has yet to manifest

it appears not within humankinds imagination

glimses and fleeting harmonic events/experiences indicate the potential exists within humankind imagination to harmonise/utilize

spin offs (translations) are utilzed by humankind

who knows where these may lead humankind....
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Dear 'AC 1030326'

THANKYOU!!! for proving my point....EXCELLENT link! five shapes =Platonic solids. Icosahedron Dodecahedron octahedron tetrahedron and Cube.

Lhc cern is releasing 5 wave shapes....5 platonic solids in a Torus universe.

Thankyou again!
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there is more to it edmond....

Aether is a rotating magnetic field(RMF) with a quantum spin of 2, no particles are to be found.
Aether will encapsulate angular momentum, and produce matter, that has a quantum interger spin of 1/2.
Angular momentum is not a particle, neither is it's encapsulation by the RMF into matter, a particle creation.
There is no wave, no particle, just distributed charge. Therefore it can appear as either, but it is neither.

...and it is known to the creators of the array....
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The RMF carries a distributed Electrostatic Charge, you cannot have one without the other.
This causes all sub atomic charges to have the same ES charge, but this is not the same realtionship as EM charge.
EM Charge is directly proportional to the mass of the EM Charge is the distribued view of linear mass.
So EM quantum charge varies by mass, and ES quantum charge is universal to all sub atomic units.
All structural relationships are a spirograph relationship...1/2 spin angular momentum within a aether 2 spin RMF....PHI ensues at the second pass....and hence PHI is in all forms.
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the information is known`s the effect on humankinds mind the information creates which is incoherent

humankind is approaching the information from it`s mind shaped beliefs structure (shape/function) which does not correspond to the shape/function of the information coming towards them

there is incoherence between the shapes/function
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there is incoherence between the shapes/function
i see it more as incoherence in the physical structures that we are currently using to perceive the shapes/function as they exist in this physical universe

they are what they are , it is the interface which is created individually and thus, collectively which show incoherence to me
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