Thursday, April 22, 2010

The World is going through a massive DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL

The entire world, as a collective conscious, has been going through our own Dark Night of the Soul. St. John of the Cross describes this episode of the human condition in his writings of the same name.

The Dark Night of the Soul is when the soul goes through extreme hardship without the comfort of God or Jesus standing near, guiding the soul, giving the soul - and its constitute human body - faith in the spirit.

I am not of any denomination of religion, but I am very spiritual. So this is not about the various religious sects. This is about spirituality and nothing more.

During our possibly greatest need as a collectively intelligent, spiritual race of beings, we have been cut off from the Source. For those finding there way back, it has been a truly miraculous life now being lived. I know who you are... you are the ones experiencing the impossible. No one believes your experiences, because the only way to believe them is to experience them personally.

You are the torch bearer in the darkness. The spark of light in a massive Dark Night of the Soul. You found your way back to spirit through immense adversary... and your experiences, beyond the realm of the physical are, paradoxically, your grounding to this life's existence and purpose.

The changes are coming, because you are experiencing them happen in your own tabernacle. And the experiences are not relenting, but rather growing greater and more extreme. So take time out and imagine the ones not consciously experiencing the change. Have faith that they will have the strength to spiritually survive the coming end of this Dark Night. As you know, experiencing the impossible can easily shatter the mind... and you have taken steps in the process. They will be denied the progressive steps of learning that you have had.

Have faith. Humility. Personally you understand the difficulties soon to be faced. So rise above the tumult and reach down with a helping hand. The Dark Night of the Soul is ending, and you must be ready.


In reference strictly to what I stated above, it is this. Those who seek out their inner selves are given a gift. That gift is the opportunity to take steps in achieving spiritual goals. Previous steps are necessary to understand and comprehend the spiritual progress being made by the individual. If steps are skipped over or ignored altogether, distortion and confusion clouds the soul.

I know that in my experiences, steps were necessary in understanding what was going on within me. If I saw or experienced something absolutely impossible to the everyday world, I was able to assimilate it (thanks to those previous steps, or experiences) and not think that I am 'losing my mind'. But when I imagine trying to assimilate the experiences without those previous steps, the leap is too great to make! I think I would go CRAZY!

Now I think about all those people that, when the 'Dark Night' ends and impossible things manifest to everyone, what will they think? Some family members and close friends can't even wrap their minds around just some of the things I have experienced. If they were thrown into it, if the things that I experienced manifested to them all at once, they would need help in understanding what is happening. They would need a helping hand to show them that we are not all going insane, but we are all changing.

I don't know what the end of the Dark Night will consist of, but I do feel it to be very close, and I do know that it will involve the inner self, the human spirit, not on an individual scale as it does now, but a global scale.

Besides being 'told' it is coming to an end from experiences I have had, there is an enormous surge in ordinary people having incredible, reality bending experiences. I also know, very personally, people that are experiencing 'other' abilities. Not in a crazy 'look at me, I can levitate' type of way, but more of a personal way. A Reiki healer, a person who literally 'sees' dead people, alien abductions... and this is only in a tight nit of people that I know from family and friends.

I have had some VERY dark experiences. They had lasted a number of years. I was beat up, chewed up, spit out and stepped on. I had asked what it was going to take to get through or stop the dark experiences. The answer was a resounding, 'Stand your ground.' That was all it took. Those words empowered me. They were exactly the thing I needed.

BUT, I believe every spirit's path is unique and different. What works for one, may not work for another. I think that is the way we are forced to take our own personal steps, find our own unique way.

Though it can be extremely hard at moments, is to know that your soul is eternal and that it is yours alone. The only thing allowed in, is what you let in. And if you haven't understood what that really means, you will at some point in the journey. Patience is a virtue!

ALL change contains darkness for those resisting. We are at the precipice of a new paradigm and everyone is vying for position in the future world we are to live.


  1. I've been fortunate that the experiences I've had are move a shortening of the feedback loop on synchronicity and quicker manifestations of intended desires than any dimensional walls falling down, if that makes sense. I like to think of it as a softening of consensus reality.

  2. Mike, I agree with you. I am completely honest with you, I agree. There is a lot happening, and a lot if it is like it is hard to hold onto, but hold onto it I do...

  3. been to poleshift ning and then glp and found you.
    a thank you to you is all i can forward to you.
    i thought i was alone into this but i am gradually seeing that it is not the case.
    i now have a smile inside.
    allan marimootoo

  4. Thank you SO much for this ! I have had strong vibrations and obe's for years thought I was crazy and found no answers in churches or family. I have been searching for meaning and answers of what to do with it , the information , the apparent gifts but I do believe we will soon find out . I am very grateful for your sharing all this information. It makes perfect sense to me and makes me feel that it's all going to be fine. I have been isolated in this a very long time. Namaste

  5. Allan, you are definitely not alone. I have met and contacted many, many people who are feeling changes in their lives, as well as wanting to 'simplify' their lives.

  6. AC, enjoy the vibrations and all the wackiness that comes from their clues. Don't fear them, they are the pre-cursor to an infinite reality...have fun with OBE's and vibrations, and all that is a beautiful reality we live.