Saturday, April 24, 2010

Construct of Light

Light is pure primary angular momentum, while matter is captured light, (primary angular momentum) + aether which encapuslated the primary angular momentum, it is now matter because of this dual relationship. All of the properties of matter such as charge and magnetism are donated via the source, Aether, as it is the rotating magnetic field.
The field makes the matter via this encapsulation of light. The source of all matter is light and aether.

Aether is not angular momentum, light is...
 Quoting: aether 950452

Light is pure primary angular momentum, while matter is captured light

Wow...I'm beginning to see it now...all of the foundational concept you just had me go explains why light can possess attributes of both forces...and it collapses into one state do to the God inside of us...the One Aspect...consciousness, our electro-magnetic field...When they do those quantum experiments, the experiments are within our electro-magnetic field of influence, therefore it is interacting with the model.

Got it. This is from the last post I just did:

The primary angular momentum is creating energy and matter, somehow, through its quantum spin mechanism...ahhhh...its getting it from the 'dormant' electro-magnetic field...from divine intelligence patterns...which are invisible to use in the purely physical state...

That's it! The dormant electro-magnetic field is pure potential. It remains dormant until another source that has already been collapsed into form (into an energy/mass state) influences it. It is an 'electro-magnetic' influence that collapses it into form. Before it collapses it is Trinity...but when it is influenced by electro-magnetics, ie the two forces, IT COLLAPSES INTO THE TWO FORCES. Then, relationship starts...complexity forms and it becomes defined through all its relationships.

haha! I just read your post up top. I kind of got lost in a tangent, but it wasn't a tangent...I was describing Light as you jsut explained it above.

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