Wednesday, April 21, 2010

7 Chakras = 7 Seals

I started viewing the 7 Seals to be tied to the 7 chakras. In other words, view the 7 seals as you would the symbology of the chakras.

So the 1st Chakra is: responsible for passing energy to and from your entire energy system into the earth. It is your grounding point where body energy is transformed into earth energy and the reverse.

Then, look at the First Seal and keep it in the context of our connection to the earth.

When the LAMB broke the "First Seal," the first, or "Lion-like Living Creature" cried with a voice of thunder--"COME." The words "and see" are omitted in many manuscripts, and in the Revised Version. John had no need to "come" for he was already there. The command then of "Come" was to the "Rider" of the White Horse. When he appeared, John says--"And I saw, and behold a WHITE HORSE; and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer."

So, when viewing both symbolically, it is the fall of man to earth. And, as we see now, Man has conquered the Earth (but not before we broke the specific seals, in order, as represented by the chakra system). Man has a bow, but no arrow. The arrow is the direction of the Divine.

In order to accomplish this conquering of Earth, we needed the 2nd Chakra: This chakra is also the home of the kundalini energy. The kundalini energy is the coiled mystical energy that rises upward through the spine energizing all the other chakras into full operation and potential. This chakra is also the chakra of your animal instincts and all those things that go along with survival.

This 2nd Chakra, that puts in our being animals instincts and the want to survive results in : WAR

The 2nd Seal (The Red Horse): There is no need to tarry long with this SEAL. When it was broken John heard the second, or "Calf-like Living Creature" say, "Come," and a "RED HORSE" appeared and went forth, whose Rider was given a "GREAT SWORD," and who had power to take peace from the earth, and cause men to kill one another. The symbolism is very clear. Red, the color of the Horse, is a symbol of BLOOD, and the Sword is a symbol of WAR. The time is clearly that prophesied by Christ--"And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars . . . for nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom." Matt. 24:6-7.

The Third Chakra is what is needed for the humans to proliferate and thrive in a world of war (and famine):The Sexual Chakra is located just above the sex organs. This chakra has 6 spokes each of which are a different color: red, orange, yellow, green. blue, violet. This chakra supplies some (but not all) the energy transferred during sex.

It represents the duality of the sexes and the struggle of life and death (duality).

It is the 3rd Seal (The Black Horse): As we procreate and proliferate through sex, harvest is needed to contain population growth. When the "THIRD SEAL" was broken John heard the third or "Man-like Living Creature" say--"Come," and a "BLACK HORSE" appeared and went forth, whose Rider held in his hand a "pair of balances," (duality) and John heard the voice of an invisible person in the midst of the "Four Living Creatures" say--"A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny, and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine." The "BLACK HORSE" signifies famine, and the Rider the "Conserver of Food." When all able bodied men are drafted for war, and no one left to sow and harvest the crops, then famine is sure to follow.

Then the Pale Horse comes. The 4th Chakra: This chakra is also one of the two places where your spirit can leave the body during an out-of-body event or an astral projection. It is the most sensitive of the chakras and the easiest chakra to send energy out of. This is the struggle to understand death.

The Fourth Seal (The pale Horse):When the "FOURTH SEAL" was broken John heard the fourth, or "Eagle-like Living Creature" say--"Come," and a "PALE HORSE" appeared and went forth. Note the "corpse-like" color of the Horse. We are not surprised then when the Rider upon the "PALE HORSE" is called "DEATH," and that "HADES," the "Grave," not "Hell," follows after "Death" like a great "Voracious Monster" to swallow up the victims of "DEATH." It is worthy of note that the Riders of the first three Horses are not named, but it will be very clear when the events they chronicle occur, who and what is meant. Here however the Rider is personified and called "DEATH," and his consort is called "HADES," they are inseparable companions.

The attempt to understand death causes humans to believe in an afterlife, and breaks the Fifth Seal and allows the Fifth Chakra to manifest: This chakra is very important because it is the only chakra that can transmute the high-vibration energy that comes from the upper three chakras into a form that can be used by the physical body and on the physical plane. Healers (of all forms) use this chakra to heal their patients, as it is the Heart Chakra that transmutes the illness into a more dense form, which then passes through the Foot Chakra and into the earth for processing. The term 'a broken heart' refers to this chakra breaking off at the stem that connects the front part of the chakra to the back. This break causes the heart chakra to shut down causing that empty feeling we are all very much aware of.

The Fifth Seal represents this longing for the afterlife (as seen from the Heart Chakra), and the belief in the soul, a soul that lives on after the body dies. When the Lamb had opened the "FIFTH SEAL," John saw under the "Sacrificial Altar," corresponding to the "Burnt Offering Altar," the "SOULS" of them that were slain for the "Word of God" and for the "testimony they held." (Slain for the First and Second Seal and Chakra. And testimony as judgment, or duality, as in the Third Seal and Chakra)The fact that their "SOULS" were under the "Sacrificial Altar" is proof that they had been offered as a "Sacrifice," that is that they were MARTYRS...

To these martyred "SOULS" white robes were given. This does not mean that they were resurrected, that is, given glorified BODIES, and then robed, but that they in their "Soulish" or "PSYCHICAL" bodies were given white robes, for while the "Spirit" of man loses its earthly, or FLESHY body, at death, it still has a body, its SOULISH body, that can see, hear, speak, etc., for how could a SOUL "cry" if it did not have a form and physical senses.

And here we are, the Sixth Seal newly broken. Thus allowing manifestation of the Sixth Chakra: This chakra is vital to communication, not only external but internal. It is the translator of internal feelings into external words and expression.

This will allow us to 'communicate' past the veil. It is the initial stages of awakening to our true selves. It is connecting the physical and spiritual bodies consciously.

We are at the initial cusp of the broken Sixth Seal that allows the Sixth Chakra to fully manifest. This is due to an exterior, as well as interior, catalyst. The Exterior catalyst is the Fluff or Wave that our solar system cycles through. The interior catalyst is the FULLY AWAKENED Third Eye. So, the catalysts have come before, but at the time only a few were able to break the Sixth Seal: Christ, Buddha, etc.

The Sixth Seal: When the "SIXTH SEAL" was broken John tells us that there was a "GREAT EARTHQUAKE," and the "SUN BECAME BLACK AS SACKCLOTH OF HAIR," and the "MOON BECAME AS BLOOD," and the "STARS OF HEAVEN FELL TO THE EARTH," and the "HEAVEN DEPARTED AS A SCROLL," and "EVERY MOUNTAIN AND ISLAND WERE MOVED OUT OF THEIR PLACE." It will not do to say that these things prefigure and symbolize the overthrow of the Powers of the Earth by great social and political convulsions. These are nothing more or less than great physical convulsions that shall shake the earth, and that have been foretold by the Prophets and by Christ Himself. Such physical phenomena and changes have happened before. We must not forget the "GREAT DARKNESS" that for 3 days overspread Egypt in the days before the Exodus (Ex. 10:21-23), nor the "DARKNESS" that settled over Jerusalem and Calvary on the day of the Crucifixion of Christ. Matt. 27:45.

The duality of the exterior and interior have combined in some of us, and the Sixth Seal breaks and the Divine comes flooding in through the manifested Sixth Chakra, making 144,000 of us, for the first time, FULLY human, in body and spirit. ...and God will reserve 144,000 of Israel who during the period of the Tribulation will not bow the knee to Antichrist. (They are awakened!) This SEALING is not the Sealing of the Holy Spirit, by whom the Believer is sealed (Eph. 1:13-14), but it is a "sealing" at the hand of Angels. Christ refers to it in Matt. 24:31. What this SEALING is we are told in Rev. 14:1. The "FATHER'S NAME" is to be written on their foreheads. They were "Sealed" on their FOREHEADS where others could see it. Theirs was no secret discipleship. (Their Third Eye recides 'in the forehead'.

This is where we are at now, waiting for the Seventh Seal to break and fully open all of our antennae of the Seventh Chakra: This chakra is the command center for your third eye. It contains your ability to see things beyond the normal physical senses, and as such is a source of intuition. This chakra is one of the two places where your spirit can leave your body in an out of body event or in an astral projection.

Resolution of the Seven Trumpets and Seven Vials brings the breaking of the Seventh and manifestation of the Seventh Chakra. When the Seventh Seal breaks, and ALL of us have awakened due to the work done during the vials and trumpets of the Seventh, we will have no need to speak to eachother, for we will all be One under God. Heaven on Earth, the Kingdom of Heaven:

We must not forget that the "SEVENTH SEAL" includes all that happens during the sounding of the "Trumpets," and the pouring out of the "Vials," and so extends down to the ushering in of the Millennium. To illustrate, a rocket fired into the air may burst into "seven stars," and one of these stars into "seven other stars," and one of the second group of stars into a third group of "seven stars." So the "Seventh" Seal includes the "Seven Trumpets," and the "Seventh" Trumpet includes the "Seven Vials."

The "SILENCE" that followed the breaking of the "Seventh Seal" was preparatory to what was to follow during the sounding of the "Trumpets," and the pouring out of the "Vials." This "SILENCE" was something remarkable. The Four and Twenty Elders ceased their harp-playing; the angels hushed their voices, and the Cherubim and Seraphim and all the host of Heaven were silent, and so great was the silence that all Heaven was awed by it; and to add to the noticeableness of it, John added that it lasted for "HALF AN HOUR." Now a "half an hour" is not long when engaged in some pleasant employment, but it causes a nerve breaking tension when we do not know what is going to happen, and when a life is at stake a minute, or even a few seconds, seem to be hours. The suspense of the half hour of SILENCE in Heaven was intense. But why that half hour of silence? What did it portend? It was the period of silent preparation for the awful judgments that were to burst forth in the earth under the "Trumpets" and "Vials."

So now we have the ingredients. We have humans (spirits) falling to Earth (connecting to Earth as in the 1st Seal and Chakra) and are left without the arrow to point our way. This results in the breaking of the Second Seal and Chakra to manifest. With the arrow missing (most now call this the Veil) we desire to conquer and war in attempts to find the 'arrow'. The Third Seal is broken and the Third Chakra manifests. The result of war is death and famine. And in order to survive we must procreate and hope through sex and love. The Third Seal and Chakra is the duality of the first two seals and chakras. The Fourth Seal and Chakra allow us to begin thinking about what is after death, resulting in the belief that their is life beyond the Veil. Which breaks the Fifth Seal manifesting our longing for 'spirit'. We begin realizing that in order to do that, we need to break the Sixth Seal and allow the Sixth Chakra to open our Third Eye. And this glimpsing, through the Third Eye, of HOME, makes us long to break the Seventh Seal to FULLY and permanately open ourselves to the Divine, to reach HOME while remaining physical. One of the blocks, the reasons, why the Seventh Seal hasn't opened, is that we think HOME is outside ourselves, like we need to bring Heaven down to Earth. The Seventh Seal will open when WE ALL realize that HOME we need not search outside ourselves for it, for it is inside of us.