Monday, September 6, 2010

New Thought on Planetary Formation

I don't know why I think of things like this, or how it comes into my mind, but I figured out a way to create planets that has never before been proposed, that I am aware of.

Briefly, stars create water merely from certain light wavelengths ...water attracts to water especially with high voltage and 'vacuum' (Water Bridge Experiment) Interstellar cloud comes across star...whatever the mechanism of initiation, whether it already be an object caught by star, or one entering that gets caught, a conduit is formed through cloud, much like a magnetic flux tube ...denser the cloud, faster the transfer to orbiting object If it even needs an orbiting object to have a conduit. Maybe, actually I think this is more likely, elements get transfered from star to densest part of passing cloud column, making it ever denser and also trapped in sun's gravitational electric/magnetic field. Presto, a proto-planet is born. And, after eons of going in and out of passing clouds, further formation occurs...with all necessary life ingredients coming and/or being transfered from the sun itself...including, INCREDIBLY, water.

So, we go from planets being formed able to sustain life as an extreme

This needs to be worked out, but on its surface, there is ABSOLUTELY NO glaring fallibilities of formation this way. Now that we know about interstellar clouds and EU and the attraction that is created through energy...a missing piece would be the accumulation of water. But now that it is known that stars create water vapor, and the Water Bridge experiment...

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