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Dialogue - Super-Luminal

...Tesla had long investigated the use of pure dielectric field energy, a stream of aether whose individual pulsations were so very ultra short that science had never found a means to harness the energy impulses. Tesla later held the opinion that dielectric current was composed of radiant particles, aetheric in nature. He therefore sought natural sources in which native dielectric fields could be used as they were, without the need for mammoth voltage "shocks" to stigmata aetheric currents. Tesla knew that if dielectric aether streams could be directly engaged, a true world of the future would be in his grasp. Furthermore, the mass-production of thousands and ten thousands of such power receiver would be an unstoppable army. An army of miniatures, which could never be torn down...." 

"...It was everywhere, a natural emanation whose potentials far out proportioned conventional notions of power. Indeed, the early conception of natural radioactivity as an energetic source was nothing in comparison to the potential power inherent in dielectric streams. The new technology would use ultra-short pulsing aether streams, energies that occupied most of his latter press conferences in latter years. Study had convinced Tesla that the apparently smooth and native force characteristic of dielectric field energy was actually a particulate flux, a succession of ultra-short impulses. The derivation of such an impulse train would solve all energy needs for eternity with an elegance far out-reaching his own..."

"...Of a truth, dielectric energy was native source of incredible proportion and virtually eternal duration. Able to use such a kinetic source, one could dispense entirely with the Power Transmitters necessary in stimulating and impressing "extra pulsations" on the aether flow. Tesla often defined the dielectric field as a natural flow of aether particles, one that seemed impossible to utilize through lack of appropriate resistive materials. In order to obtain momentum from the flowing particles of a dielectric field, one required special matter poised in equally special symmetries. The otherwise continuous flow could be absorbed directly, being exchanged to utilities, appliances, and other applications...."

SickScent - For what its worth, because I haven't had tiime to go through they ever take into account the frictionless properties of the superfluids in some of these events?

Aether - i don`t know are getting the imfo as it happens...we will see..

SS Dielectric displacement current is charge displacement without charge transport. Displacement current does not involve the motion of charges (current flow), but involves the formation of electric dipoles which create an effect similar to the movement of charges. The cyclical reversals of these dipoles gives rise to magnetic effects, which in turn gives rise to displacement currents. This alternating electro-magnetic cycle persists (Propagates as light) until it is absorbed somewhere in time and space.

LMAO!  I wrote about this process in a fictional piece I wrote a couple years ago.  It was an area I was trying to resolve in how energy/matter could get ‘transported’ invisibly (invisible to us, IE superluminal) throughout the universe.  I wrote it using different words (I had not the words for it at the time)…but it is the same form just different expression.

Wow, I wrote it over 3 years ago now.  At the time I was trying to figure out this stuff without EU or pulsars.  So, you see string theory and quantum states abundant throughout the entire story.  So, probability waves described below would be dielectric properties.  No need for a breakdown of physical laws now that we know many of them were not True.  Singularity points would be pulsars, therefore no need for black holes to do the work. Forget the neutral ‘particles’ as we are working directly with magnetics and charge now.  It heads out superluminally until hit hits ‘snags’ of time/space.

Damn, I might have to rewrite this and see where it leads me…

I e-mailed you the story earlier in our talks, but here is a snip on exactly what the passage above is referring to:

-         Quantum displacement of absorbed matter from the massive mass accumulation inside Black Holes. Breakdown of Space/Time continuum at singularity points result in a breakdown of 3rd Dimension Laws. This breakdown of articles contained in Strings 1st, 9th, 10th results in the breakdown of accumulation of Black Hole mass down to neutral quantum particles, then further down to probability waves. Probability waves then propagate outwards, towards eternity. What we need is a snag for the waves to collapse on.

“Christ, slow down. Now ease up and explain again.”

- Convert small percentages of the quantum reservoirs of Black Holes to Dark Energy. This conversion process is reached upon applicable quantum reservoirs propagating probability waves outward reaching Strings 2nd – 8th at eternity. Since they are probability waves they are not affected by 4th Dimension Laws, therefore eternity is attainable in any space at any time. At predefined eternity Dark Energy pinpoints (our ‘snags’); Strings 2nd – 10th - that is the makeup of eternity - trigger a collapse of the probability waves. The waves would actually collapse back into Third Dimensionality as pinpoints of Dimensional Connectivity! An exact anathema of Black Holes! The continuing massive quantum probability waves, again emanating from the reservoirs of the Black Holes, hit the newly formed Dark Energy pinpoints that are strewn throughout vacuum and are snagged like cheese in a cheese grater. They stream through the Dark Energy pinpoints and upon reaching Fourth Dimensionality they collapse from its laws, forming neutral particles with the same mass originally consumed by the Black Holes. Redistribution! Nothing is entering or exiting the closed, contained system, for that is impossible! As the emanating Black Hole probability waves enter back into the Interior Universe as reformed particles of mass, it presses everything outwards in all directions causing further acceleration. Immanent acceleration is achieved. Acceleration at approved, predefined levels in all directions.

"Dynamics with Vector Condensates at Finite Density in QCD and Beyond"

There seems relevance in principle with the notion of 'broken symmetry as relates vector fields producing vector condensates' and what might be referred to as 'the production of quanta via superimposition of dielectric fields' by way of the work of Dollard. The characterization of "vortex-like and roton-like excitations in these phases" and resulting "plasmons" seems no different than the work of Meyl and the production of vortices (quanta) in the scalar field as result of perturbation(s). The energy of said perturbation is 'consumed' via the production of 'resonant phase-states' that differ from the 'symmetry' of the originating "field" so perturbed. As such the 'consumption' of the 'flux' of one phase; leads to the 'production' of 'flux' for another.

The author cites 10 such rotating interactive "physical fields" in that model as comprising a superconducting vacuum; the interactions of which appear to induce 'phase changes' ("breaking symmetry") for which energetic activity in excess of homogeneous symmetry ('field equilibrium') is manifest as 'condensates' i.e the formation of quanta.'

Subjective, yes I know; but although these venues would seem worlds apart they seem incapable of escaping a few principles - but perhaps more-so the problem of nomenclature seems to rear its confusing head. As such, whether with the "superimposition" of "dielectric fields" or the interaction of "vector fields" and resulting "vector condensates" I'm not seeing a significant difference.

Therefore, those aspects suited for the electrical nature of these interactions also seem appropriate i.e. susceptance, resistance, reactance, inductance, admittance, dielectric flux, impedance, power etc. Electrically speaking I suspect that the "transients" eliminated from the system are 'signatures' of 'field symmetry.' Hallmarks of the 'higher frequency power' of the "dielectric" or "vector" field(s) as the excess energy of their interactions is being "shed" via the formation of resonant 'quanta' via 'superimposition.'

Which one is an "Aether?" Well, they would all seem to qualify from the standpoint of the homogeneity or 'symmetry' of each 'phase-state.' Each 'phase-state' may be able to 'self-interact' resulting in the energetic formation of 'quanta'; let alone the interactions (superimpositions) one to another.

These fundamental "processes" i.e. 'superimposition' and the 'consumption of the energetic flux of one phase; generating the 'particulate-like' flux of subsequent phases' seems to be overriding principles operative in examples such as the formation of "
Vortex Crystals." But we don't consider the the now "background phase" of the "single species plasma" in this example to have vanished and become non existent. It still 'powers' the resulting formation of the "vortex crystals." Perhaps the Aether is similar if not exactly the same. Thus the importance of these "fields" and their 'perturbations', interactions etc is the formation of these resonant 'quanta' or 'quantum-states' i.e. the "building blocks" of life as studied via molecular, atomic, sub-atomic etc.

Is it possible that Tesla, via magnetic dampening of the pulse thereby stopping the 'wave' before meeting 'resistance' and the resulting formation of electrons, purposefully found his way through to the "dielectric" of a higher electric 'phase.' Another more 'primal' phase of these many "aetheric- background states?" Of course he did!! Electrons are analogous to the "vortex crystals" of the aforementioned experiment for which a dielectric-phase of the 'aetheric background' still exist.

I no longer question the concept of the superluminal. Here, I'm in agreement with another theory that posits "photons" as "globular" on-the-spot productions occurring in the wake of a superluminal stimulus.

SS - Snags in the field. I had somewhat of visions of this occurence when I was reasoning how a process like this would work. 
I just read over what you sent me once, and I have to go find the meanings of some of the terms...but it sounds like my 'snags' that would pop up 'who knows where' in space time since the snags themselves may be superluminal.
Field hits it and like watching a current of water wrap around a pylon and create vortex, so would happen with the snags. Problem is, snags drop out of the superluminal seemingly at random, but maybe it was something in the superluminal fields that caused the snag effect to manifest 'here'.
As I said though, I will have to pick this apart...dissect it to see where all the numerous gaps are, because termonology will have to be reviewed.
Dielectric aether currents, etc...Is it merely the it merely all three principles of creation through aether model, manifesting at once.  So, the dielectric currents and transport of charge is merely all 3 principles active at once, which makes it superluminal, with endpoints (, which are the snags) being node points of attraction and separation from Trinity.  Hence, the dielectric doesn't 'transport', it is merely the 3 principles merging from a cause (and becoming 'invisible' to us since the One Aspect is beyond our physical perceptions) and popping up at snag sources.  So...those pulsars...the snag sources...either in fields inside it or surrounding it, are merged with the 3 principles...perhaps it works in directional vortexes. A merge of 2 forces...a spiral cone merging to 3 principle, and on the other direction, a spiral cone of the 2 forces spinning 'into form'.  You could call it a means of 'transportation', but that would be highly inaccurate as that is not the process.  It would be more like a flashing process...
Ah, it makes them in an in-between is active on both the physical plane and superluminal at the same time.  Therefor...area would still have some type of meaning (time/space), but so would 'extreme' physical gigantic charges.  Just as they get 'attracted' to the 'pulsars' they get 'snagged' by them also.
It is ALL interacting together as a whole...these comments above...they are constantly referring to 'separate' processes from a superluminal state and a physical state.  But, perhaps, at those energies, it must be thought of both of them manifesting at the same time...
ALL cause and effect of both states manifesting as one.  That would also make sense in the comment I made with the dielectric phenom actually being all 3 principles active at the same time.

Aether - remember a femtosecond is the slower end of velocity, that is infinite, within the non material superluminal dimension.... where you are seeing now:

femtosecond is the SI unit of time equal to 10-15 of a second. That is one quadrillionth, or one millionth of one billionth of a second. For context, a femtosecond is to a second, what a second is to about 31.7 million years.

SS - Is that in response to the replies I just sent you...?

Aether - yes

SS - Then you are going to need to explain that further, because there is a massive gap there that I'm not connecting.

Aether - it`s not directly relevant but when you consider the non material dimension for travel within your below light speed motion sustained matter vehicle......the non material dimension is ideal for travel....instant time over distance and no inertia

SS - Right.  No inertia, not really 'moving'.  You'd be flashing from one point to the sensation of movement AT are not moving.

Aether - the non material dimension is the water

your submarine has the capacity to generate water 6 meters. out all around it whilst on land

once the water is covering the submarine it  moves into the water

the water accepts water

the non material field accepts the field generated by your vehicle

 it`s a non material dimension displacement cos nothing to displace

observer would see solid object (vehicle) distort (field creation)

then disappear the instant the generated field matched the non material field

SS - You ever play with that type of tech?
How is control possible?  I am assuming through conscious interface.  But how would detailed control be possible?  It is both knowledge of the way universe works, combined with tech...god I want to play with things.  LOL
Oh yeah, and what did you mean in saying that that is where I am seeing now?  You mean from a understanding point?

Aether - a below light speed object within the superluminal dimension sees/feels
now you are aware of the role of machine/operators conscious
once a below light speed object/observer is within the superluminal non material dimension that dimension appears more "solid" than the light speed dimension does because in effect there are no gaps between everything as perceived by the observer within the slower light speed dimension
so the observers mind needs to come up to femtospeed or higher to see/feel
remeber we touched on this when relating it to time and feelings of days being months within our light speed dimension?

yes i not sure you had noticed but you now talk about the nonmaterial dimension like your standing in it feel .to me your in it when you talk about it

i`ve proved it worked when everything thing else (human) didn`t know.......that was quite recently...awaiting the consequences cos i am not sure if it was what the current owners of the tech.  wanted to have all know each other and from day one i probably been their worst  nightmare one way or another.......they let me loose on some about two years ago with an operator that could do nothing...i showed the operator over many months how the tech and i got on...we (tech and i) confirmed structure of the universe to educate them.....then i left to pursue what i was doing....i find out recently that although they had managed to "create" some new tech. closely associated with the tech. of two years ago they have had made no progress at all...... .......that`s why i got let loose again recently......always same problem for the attitude is yet to fit their expectations of  correct attitude...i don`t care for various reasons ....
well that`s not quite true...... their attitudes have altered considerable within the intervening years....which is good in my opinion...
but one thing i know...they came into my life so i do what i like with them...and i know for sure from their persona that if they could have done jack shit...i would have been the last intelligence within this universe they would have approached for assistance

SS - Does the sub-luminal object consist of the same identical 'physical' properties once submerged in superluminal?  Does the consciousness remain identical in as far as its make-up?  My answer would be yes to both, but they are working in a much faster state of 'being' with no gaps to the universal...Now, we have gaps to the universal, along with a slower frequency.  Double whammy.  
My bet is that you can 'bring' the information/knowledge back from superluminal, but when brought back to sub-luminal, the gaps go back into place and if the knowledge gained was not 'whole'.  So, when you experience the tech, you have to be very focused on what it is you are seeking.  I imagine it like this.  You are a node of consciousness with knowledge 'paths' radiating out in infinite directions.  You lock onto a node of thought (like a packet of light) that you are seeking.  Now, instead of heading out down the other paths radiating out from the 'knowledge' node, you remain focused in the knowledge node and allow the information to flow 'in'.  Once you start traveling down other thought paths, there exists gaps back to the original knowledge node.  So, in order to bring back anything of true value, you have to stay focused and let the information flow through you while in the knowledge node...don't chase it.
Once back in sub-luminal you have access to the information that flowed through you with the least amount of gaps.

That is why when the Mantis visited and took me, everything was in ultra-hi-definition!  Per what you said!
once a below light speed object/observer is within the superluminal non material dimension that dimension appears more "solid" than the light speed dimension does because in effect there are no gaps between everything as perceived by the observer within the slower light speed dimension
abso-fucking-lutely badass!
This would also explain why the ones that you referenced a while ago, experienced the tech, it manifested fantasy.  They were chasing shit all over the place not bringing back anything of substance...gaps got slotted back in place, so all they experienced was racing all around different 'paths' abd when they got back, nothing was able to hold together because the gaps shredded all of the sequences when they got back...LMAO...instead they should have acted like a conscious monk...being still and absorbing...

Aether - amazed just described my nature...that`s what pisses of so many..i don`t appear to do anything when to them i must be able to do are the only one i talked to like this and you are the one whom got it coincidence..huh..

SS - hmmm, they would be radiating information streams coming from to access that...? Find inward bound vortices where they merge into 3 and go superluminal...Somehow form information/directions to go into the inbound vortices...instant information brought out through the pulsars...there's you communication network.

Sorry, this was in reference to dielectric fields and pulsars.

Aether - you carry on chad...remember my comment at beginning of this topic...
now you have focused on matter creation chad the team have focused on the issue without knowing yet:this is what our universe is all about.... are way ahead....

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