Thursday, June 3, 2010

Consequences of Paradigm Change

Too bad to gain their sanity they first have to realise how insane and irrational their behaviour is. In order for that to happen they will have to accept everything that comes with that realisation. How delusional they were, how their actions and inactions affect everything and everyone around them and how they need to take responsibility for it. Not everyone can accept this without a total breakdown. All beliefs are insane and unless people actually face reality, accept it and seek to understand it, they will always choose beliefs over learning and understanding.

Consciousness is accumulated information, if the information is false it will eventually lead to a corruption and madness. Everyone chooses what they want to absorb, true or not, it is their choice. No one can make you believe a lie, people choose to, if they cannot discern between a lie and truth because they are too lazy or whatever reason, it is their choice.

A paradigm transformation would only affect those who want things to change, unfortunately that is a very small minority and the world is governed by the majority, what they think they want or what they get told they should want because they are insane and incapable of rational, logical and reasonable thought. The mass populace like things as they are, they think everything is as it should be, why would they want to change anything when they think everything is right? That they are right because of some belief or lie.

Either way, real change begins from within, not without. And unless we can understand the universe and the communications then we really are isolated and withdrawn.

- Xenus (GLP)

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  1. Sickscent,

    Op was right. It's made mainstream news. It makes me sad in a way. We as a people have achieved so much and to be thrown back one hundred years is a shame. here's the link:

    Thank you for carrying the torch, Sickscent, It's a almost time.