Thursday, December 12, 2013

Symbols of an Alien Sky - ThunderBolts


  1. Wut up, Chad? I gotta ask, are you posting on Lop, too? I asked Glp to let me in, but they perma-banned me. The more the merrier. I'm ready to 'Bleed out', whatever It takes. I saved the film 'Symbols...'; Thanks, Tom S.

  2. Hey Tom. Nope, not posting on LOP. I haven't been posting very much on GLP either.

  3. Ok, (thanks for responding) Someone mentioned, in a post, that you were there, and I was glad to hear it; you would definitely class the place up a whole lot. but alas, 'twas not you.
    Happy Holy Days to you, Chad.
    Rock on...
    Oh yeah; There is a guy on Lop that goes by the moniker of 'Cyber Cyrus', and you and he are of the same 'tribe', as he speaks about the Torus, and breaking through the Matrix realities, and all those calculations and connections that are beyond my understanding; I bet the two of you could probably unravel this contained, overstayed It's welcome, reality.
    Dangerous, yet, Loving minds, think alike...
    Love and Light to You and Yours.

  4. I used to jump back and forth from GLP and LOP. I have found LOP to be nastier than GLP. Don't know if it is because of a few people do not like me for whatever reason, or what. But, I just found it too difficult jumping back and forth as the same topics are on both sites.
    I'll jump back over there though, and respond to some threads. I'll look up this Cyber guy and see his thoughts. Might be fun.
    Love and light to yours.