Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Son of the Sun

I know that you would like to hear the tidings of he whom things have
not lived, but who lived and fulfilled himself. For you are a son of the earth,
sucked dry by the suckling earth, that can suck nothing out of itself, but suckles
only from the sun. Therefore you would like to have tidings of the son of the
sun, which shines and does not suckle.
/ You would like to hear of the son of God, who shone and gave, who
begot, and to whom life was born again, as the earth bears the sun green and
colorful children.
You would like to hear of him, the radiating savior, who as a son of the
sun cut through the webs of the earth, who sundered the magic threads and
released those in bondage, who owned himself and was no one's servant, who
sucked no one dry, and whose treasure no one exhausted.
You would like to hear of him who was not darkened by the shadow of
earth, but illuminated it, who saw the thoughts of all, and whose thoughts
no one guessed, who possessed in himself the meaning of all things, and whose
meaning no thing could express.

Carl Jung - Red Book

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