Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spinning Dipoles Creating CHARGE and Klein Bubbles

I was asked to play in my lucid dream sandbox about this.

So, I played last night in my sand box. I am getting ready for work, so I can't write it out now, but I saw why this statement must be true. This is from the paper quoted.

[link to arxiv.org]
"An answer to “why no magnetic monopoles?” is now clear. So long as there were thought to
exist the electrical monopoles known as charges, a deep belief in symmetry demanded that we consider and look for magnetic monopoles. This study concludes that there are no electrical monopoles. To this extent, symmetry has been recovered."

My study (hehe) also concluded there cannot be any monopoles. Monopoles instability actually LEADS TO dipoles. They either collapse, or form dipoles. (I need to explain why...but later) Funny, I am looking at the stuff they cannot see. It has to do with contained spin forms that are spiral. What creates the spin forms? Light. Light is the only TRUE constant, therefor there are no fluctuations in the speed of the spin. The only way for dipoles to remain absolutely stable like they do, is with an absolute constant defining it.

More later.

Also, I played for about 2 hours with Klein Bubbles. Awesome. You know what I requested to 'see'? That's right. Black holes. BTW, they come in all sorts of shapes, not merely spherical. I imagine the ones nested at the center of the galaxies must be mainly spherical...but, they are absolutely incredible things! I even experimented with a supernova entering a black hole. WHOA! The result the volume was annihilated, but the skin still existed, although very shriveled up and emaciated. For relation, the size of the volume would be a house, and the skin would be a quarter after the interaction and implode/explode of the two.

Also, I experimented with injecting a massive object into the Klein Bubbles, and it resulted in a Klein Bottle effect.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Is the electron a photon with
toroidal topology?

[link to docs.google.com]

"Since matter is created from photons, and photons are entirely electromagnetic, it follows that matter is indeed made up of EM fields. They are arranged differently, in light and in particles.

I have found a way to arrange the EM fields to achieve the particle properties of charge, mass, angular momentum, spin, and stability. The paper is posted on arxiv under physics/0611266. The electron can be modeled as a dipolar B field that morphs into a toroidal E field, and back, at the Compton frequency. The electric and magnetic fluxes are
quantized. Precession of this spinning model about a different axis then creates "charge". Mass is the encapsulated kinetic energy of these changing and spinning EM fields. Charge is created by a vxB mechanism of the spinning dipolar B field."

[link to lofi.forum.physorg.com]

BTW, I wish I could express these visions more accurately, but it is extremely difficult in words.

Once again, the shapes are very similar to what Walter Russell was trying to express. In this video, you see two spiral forms mirroring each other. My vision was a little different, and more complex than this, but it will help visualization.

Instead of starting with two spins, start with one. And it is spinning FAST! The one begins extending, and as it extends its Spiraling Conical Filament, it actually creates the field it is formed in (torus shape). At the far end of the 'invisible' torus field, the extending SCF begins 'bunching' up and 'mirroring' the original spinning vortex. As the mirroring spinning vortex grows (it will eventually be the same size as the original), the two begin attracting together, and getting closer. As they get close, the amplitude is rising inside the two spiraling vortices, which creates an increase in repulsion. Then, they both stop attracting and stabilize at a particular distance apart. When I look close at the interaction, I notice there are streaks of multicolored light being emitted from between the two phased locked vortices. wtf

When I was doing the experiment, I couldn't figure out what the slow colored lights were being emitted. It wasn't until later today that I reread my posts, and realized what it had to be...CHARGE!

"Precession of this spinning model about a different axis then creates "charge". Mass is the encapsulated kinetic energy of these changing and spinning EM fields. Charge is created by a vxB mechanism of the spinning dipolar B field."

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