Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Interaction of Systems through Harmonic Principles

how you attempt to steer a complex system is not the prime issue
steer with love
steer with fear
steer with anything
the prime issue is your motive to steer
if the purpose (goal) does not synchronize with the complex systems innate motive, thus by default all other complex systems interactive
you are fucked
the complex system self rectifies , forced to by the momentum of the other systems effects upon it
 Quoting: aether

I see your words as pulses, wave forms...interesting. That is the immediate 'image' I get.

The motive is intention, sending out your own personal pulses into the system. The system has infinitely more pulses reacting, and if yours is in dissonance to the complex system, the complex system's pulses will soon nullify through interference patterns, all of the individual's pulses. If it resonates, the pulses harmonize and the intention grows greater into the system through 'mergence'.

What would be incredible, is a form of varied intention from an isolated source, that is somehow harmonic with the complex system. One isolated source, putting out motive from all these different angles...philosophy, spiritual, communal, etc...all harmonic to the system, resonating through the complex system, changing it to new patterns of pulses...shortly afterward becoming self perpetuating and reactive.
 Quoting: Chad

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  1. I'm digging on this ripples in a pond thing. Multiple ripples clash, merge, cancel, dampen, etc. until waves form, then dissipate back to calm. Resonance/dissonce move the water like/equal to tidal force. Then back to unify the forces. What are the forces we must unify, lol? My skins kinda ripply, been in the pool too long today... so I got nothing, lol. Eh, maybe tomorrow ;)