Friday, January 21, 2011

Plasma Rain Falling


  1. Hello Chad, Do you think this is the "Local Fluff" that we are beginning to encounter? Just think,it is supposed to be 30 light years across, what do you think will happen when it is around us and this plasma is ignited by the Sun.......

  2. I think it might be part of the changes that we are seeing in the solar system. One of the problems, is this is fairly new technology (or at least, it is technology that has been finally released for public consumption). So, may of the events that take place on the sun...well, it is difficult to know if they are abnormal events or not. The timeframe of studying the sun, close-up like this, is infitesimal in the earth/sun relationship.

    Plasma cannot be 'ignited' by the sun. Instead of viewing it a 'gaseous' form of matter, think of it more as a conductor of energy (electricity), and the more energy that races through it, the larger a magentic field is created.

  3. What I'd like to know is which particles we might expect, and what can be done as a practical matter for shielding? I can't seem to find definitive answers on that one.