Friday, October 1, 2010

What's to Come Again

The scarring will not happen this time around. So I have been told. There is a missing component to this cycle...something was there in past cycles that is not there anymore...perhaps the asteroid belt marks its death...who knows (someone)...that missing component was a destructive force in ancient past...knowledge is coming back...without such darkness...oh, to be alive again and remember our souls, remember where we came from, what we are...and not from someone telling stories...but from communion with the universe...again.

We had lost so much when that era of mythology receded into the aether behind us...cycles come round again...the lost and fallen will weep when we see what we have done, when we realize who we are...

-Chad Adams


  1. Yo Chad, gonegalt from Georges site, Hummm, well for some, this sounds hopeful and perhaps enlightening. Peace and Joy

  2. I hope so...I am in contact with some people that are very interesting and 'know' things...and this was what I have been told. But, as always, we will have to wait and see I suppose...

  3. forgive me for my ignorance.. but are you implying that this time we will evolve without the destruction bit? =) that would indeed be... i cant express it!

    keep smiling all x


  4. Yes Alan...thats exactly what I am saying...