Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Mountain Sacred - to Breach the In-Between

The Mountain is sacred in so many mythologies.  The ascent…

What is a tree’s sole/soul purpose?

To breach the in-between.

It is rooted in the earth, yet constantly strives for the light, for the Sun.  It knows.  There is no error in this and no doubt.  It knows in a way only life does; to reach for the source that is the provider of life.

It reaches down.
And it reaches up.

It is like a pure form of being living for ascension through balance.  The lower, denser aspects restrict and ground.  The upper, lighter aspects provide freedom and heights.

A mountain is doing the same thing, in the eyes of the seeker.  Yet it is so grand! And lifts all upon it closer to the source of higher light and freedom.

And yet, it is ground.

- Chad Adams

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